Beelzebub Episode #03 (

By:Chris Beveridge
Review Date: Saturday, January 22, 2011
Release Date: Saturday, January 22, 2011

Oga's quest to find someone even more evil and powerful than himself to take on baby Beelzebub continues!

What They Say:
Oga loses the powdered milk that Hilda prepared for him, and instead buys a bunch of "Yogurty" from a vending machine for Beel. But it turns out that's the favorite drink of one of Ishiyama's Big Four, the "Ishiyama Tohoshinki"; the third year Kanzaki Hajime. Oga hears about how horrible and ruthless a guy Kanzaki is, and runs into the third year classroom to try and dump Baby Beel off on him. When he sees Kanzaki's evil looking face, Oga thinks that this just might be his chance!

The Review:
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After the first couple of episodes, Beelzebub is at that make or break point for a lot of people. If the show keeps on with the same kinds of gags, it's easy to see some fall off if you've found it amusing but not really completely your thing to watch for the full run. With Beel unlikely to really change his nature anytime soon, outside of a potential gag that changes his age for a brief period, what we see is what we get, just with new situations and the same kind of gags overall. Even as accepting of things as Oga is, he's going to continue to try and find someone stronger and more devilish for Beel to latch onto so he can get on with his life.

In the mean time, Oga has Hilda breathing down his throat to treat Beel right and give him the things he needs. And that includes milk to grow big and strong with. Of course, the kind of milk he needs comes from a special place in hell, so it's not exactly an easy thing that he can get his hands on. Solutions are few and far between but he lucks out with a particular kind of yogur that Beel really, really, likes a whole lot. That situation pits Oga against another group of thugs in the school who want the yogurt themselves, but Oga's need is greater, which leads to a quick beatdown of everyone and a call for vengeance by them thereafter. It's predictable, but there's a lot to like in watching a show that's so plainly focused on a large number of fairly badass guys. The testosterone level here is significantly high and that's definitely appealing after so, so, so many shows featuring milksop male leads and nothing but women everywhere.

Naturally, Oga's quest to find someone more badass than him is going to run him into a lot of trouble, especially at a school like this and with him being a first year. But it is what he's after so you can't feel too bad, particularly since he continues to best them along the way in his overall defense of Beel. Beel has less of a role in this episode overall, as does Hilda, but that means Oga takes on a stronger role overall and he has a lot of fun with it, from his fights to the internal monologue he has in how he hopes events will play out. Though Oga is in a way a one-trick pony, it's executed so well that you can't help but to enjoy it. It's the right kind of over the top acting and over-emoting at times that sells it because he is a larger than life character in a truly bizarre situation looking for a way out of it.

In Summary:
At this point, I'm definitely enjoying Beelzebub a whole lot for what it is. It's not an amazing show, but it's one that is very different from a lot of other things out there and is that kind of dark horse show that attracts an unusual but fun audience. At its core, it has a great heart to it but it wraps it all up in bravado while backing it up with some serious fists and guts. Oga is a great character, the kind of male lead we need to see more of to varying degrees, and the combination of him with baby Beel simply makes me laugh on a regular basis. It harkens back to the anime of old and it's just good fun over and over. I love that it avoids playing up the female character much and that it can minimize Beel for the most part to let Oga shine, while still acknowledging that everything that's happening is because of Beel. This episode makes it clear that the show is definitely on a distinct path and that if you're not up for this kind of fun, you'd best go elsewhere. I'm definitely in for the ride as it's one of the more memorable shows of the season.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

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