Freezing Episode #02 (

By:Chris Beveridge
Review Date: Wednesday, January 26, 2011
Release Date: Monday, January 24, 2011

With Bridget's defeat, shock sounds throughout the academy as they discover what's going on.

What They Say:
Kazuya's attempt to apologize to Satellizer is interrupted by the arrival of Ganessa, who appears eager for a rematch. When the poor boy gets caught up in the battle, Satellizer reveals a fierce new ability!

The Review:
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Kazuya's arrival at the academy has certainly started off poorly as he mistook who Bridget was and in grabbing her caused her to suffer a defeat, which in turn severely impacted her reputation as the Untouchable Queen for obvious reasons. Seeing the reactions throughout the academy is fun since there's a lot of disbelief but there's also a real quiet calm about some of them as they figure out how they can use it to their advantage. Kazuya's being moved out of the main area and taken to where he's staying is practically a must at this point so that he can avoid any repercussions that may happen, not only from Bridget but also from those who may be furious at her loss. Bridget, for her part, seems to be containing her issue with it but wants absolutely nothing to do with him while she copes with her injuries.

Naturally, when Kazuya tries to make amends, it's not going to go right as Ganessa appears and she's hungry to take Bridget down another notch with no concerns that she's already hurt from what had just happened. This turns into quite the little dangerous match out in the academy and not one of the testing grounds which leads to a lot of destruction against a really appealing sunset backdrop that gives everything a hazy and soft feeling that's contrasted by the sharpness of the weapons. The majority of this episode focuses on the back and forth fight between the two which is fairly well intense, but it loses something in several segments because of the poor obscuring done to hide either the gratuitous blood and/or the nudity that comes from it. While the backdrop works well at first, as it progresses and as Bridget changes, the colors do not work in its favor.

We don't get a lot of meat to this episode when it comes to the larger storyline issues, but there are some small nuggets to be had here and there. The main thrust that comes from the episode outside of the fight is in regards to Kazuya's relation to his dead sister, Kazuha, and what that may truly mean. With Kazuha elevated to legendary status for some and talked about in whispered tones, having instructors and others look at him with that knowledge certainly paints a future for him that's going to be quite chaotic. Similar to the first episode though, it's the pacing and structure of this episode that holds it back from feeling like we're making any progress. The battle is well done for the most part, but it doesn't really advance anything.

In Summary:
The second episode of Freezing left me similar to how the first was in that I can appreciate a lot of elements to it, but it hasn't come together in a way that says watch me. The fight takes up a good part of the episode here after Kazuya gets dragged off and there are some hints of recognition from the staff that tells us a little bit about what to expect. While the action is strong, the censoring for TV broadcast is not as it really muddies up the show. Of course, the show uses sexuality in a way that doesn't work effectively to begin with, especially in the purple themed final sequence which is pretty much painful to watch because it's so blunt and pointless. I'm of mixed feelings on the show overall as I do like the darker tone, but it's still feeling immature at the same time.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

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