Q&A With Takao Kato, Director of PandoraHearts Anime (Mania.com)

By:Chris Beveridge
Date: Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The last year or so has been good for Takao Kato when it comes to shows he's involved with coming to North America and English speaking fans. His involvment in anime goes back a wys with older shows such as Sorcerer Hunters and Blue Seeed Beyond as well as a lot of simple and fun fare like D.I.C.E., MegaMan and Rockman.EXE. With work on To Love-Ru and PandoraHearts, he's getting a little more known over here and the folks at NIS America reached out to fans on the forums and on Facebook to get some questions for the man to see what his thoughts are on his works and whether there may be another season of PandoraHearts.

1.What's PandoraHearts?

It’s the dark part within your heart that must never be opened.
Everyone has something inside them that can hurt others.

2.Will there be another season?

I do not have anything in my schedule at the moment, but as long as the fans want it to happen, I think there is always hope.

3.Just what I wanted to ask please you left it at a cliff hanger is there going to be a season 2 and put more romance in it if there is As soon as I get my bank card I am so buy.

The backbone of the entire story is, in fact, a romance, but I believe that it will develop to become more of a suspense than anything else. The numerous mysteries are among the best things about this series. But the suspense within the story is created by the thoughts and emotions of people, so they are based on love or other emotions. I know for sure that all of that will be illustrated very well.

4.Although it's far from being a question, I really like PandoraHearts art style, kudos to the creative artist behind it; if you guys have the pleasure to meet him, I sure hope you guys send a few words of praise from us.

Thank you very much. That’s a nice comment that really gives me a confidence boost in our abilities at creating art. Just hearing that from you feels very encouraging for me.

5.I am curious if there i a working reproduction of the musical pocketwatch available anywhere as I have yet to find one, if not is there any plan to have some made?

If that pocket watch goes into another production run, I’d want one for myself.
But as of now, I haven’t heard anything about them doing it again. But I am very eager that they would produce it again.

6.Wondering if a second season may be possible in the future? There is plenty of manga material and i'll admit you could easily tell the last episode of the first season was filler. Whoever decided on the music however, a complete genius as it worked fantstic for the series. really love the manga and i believe the anime adaptation did do it justice.

Kajiura, the person in charge of composing the music, fell in love with this series. She composed the tune to match the art in the very last episode. 3 tunes, in fact. I was supposed to choose only one of them, and it pained me to think that the other 2 wouldn’t be used. The other staff members were able to see a different version of PandoraHearts (with different music).

Because of the broadcast timeslot limitations, the anime ended at that part, but I do believe that I made it so that it can be continued at any time. I really do want to see the anime continuing (as a fan, myself).

7 & 8.What was it about the manga that made you want to work on it as an anime? Out of the entire voice cast, who in your personal opinion best personified their character with their performance?

The reason why I wanted to make an anime out of the series was because the author was very good at illustrating the psychological interactions. I also became very attached to Gilbert when I read the comics. Even as a man, I found Gilbert to be very charming.

Well, that’s why I really liked Toriumi, who played Gilbert. The people who played Oz and Alice were wonderful, too. I think everyone was great. Everyone acted out their part exactly how I imagined the characters to be.


You can grab the second premium edition for PandoraHearts here, which will make Mr. Kato happy!

Series: Ushio & Tora, Sorcerer Hunters, Blue Seed, Megaman: NT Warrior, To Love Ru, PandoraHearts