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By:Chris Beveridge
Date: Saturday, February 05, 2011

It's been a very busy week on the comics to film front with a lot of casting going on, a lot of news and a whole lot of rumors. Saturday has seen a slew of different reports and speculation abound out there so we're going to do some bullet point roundups of it to see where things lay until we get the, you know, official confirmations for some o fit.

SuperHero Hype has a number of pieces up that talk about Diane Kruger denying she's up for any part in the Avengers movies as Nick Fury's sidekick. Deadline is indicating that the role has definitely gone to Cobie Smulders and that she will be playing the role of Maria Hill. The role is certainly an interesting one as it has the potential, potential, to be like Jackson's deal where it could be for multiple pictures as a minor role of some note.

On the Superman front, Latino Review thinks they've got the goods on who the female lead character will be in Zack Snyder's film by stating that it'll be for the role of Ursa, who we saw both in Superman II alongside Zod. 

With Dark Knight Rises, Latino Review is also indicating that some word out of Michigan is that Warner Bros. has been scouting in the area for a place that would work as a hideout for Batman's sidekick Robin. This is likely a bit of misdirection on someone's part as Nolan has said that he doesn't think Robin would fit in the world of Batman that he's created, but speculation about Joseph Gordon-Levitt's casting may be related to it as a potential Nightwing style character.

On a music oriented note, Collider is reporting that Alan Menken has been tapped to write the music score for Captain America: The First Avenger. Menken's got quite the list of credits to him as he's know for working on a number of big Disney films over the years and being one of the driving forces behind The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. Considering the nature of the film and its obviously patriotic undertones, the music score will be an interesting aspect of the feature to watch.

Hero Complex has a neat little piece where they get the word from Zack Snyder about which version of Superman he visualizes the most from comic book form. In the piece he talks about there being so many interpretations over the years, he comes down to the interesting split between Jim Lee and Curt Swan. Take a gander at that and more about the art of Superman over the years and Snyder's view on it here.

Is this your Maria Hill?

Thanks to Wiseguy for the Cobie Smulders submission.

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