You Too Can Ride Green Lantern (

By:Chris Beveridge
Date: Monday, February 07, 2011

The LA Times travel section had an interesting piece up over the weekend for fans of amusement parks and comic book themed rides.  Six Flags Magic Mountain has taken delivery of the Green Lantern ride that will be installed to go running this summer to tie into the theatrical release from Warner Bros. The "rocking and spinning" coast trains came in while the emerald green track arrived previously. Six Flags has a video up that shows their conceptual plan for how it will go within the park as it achieves its top speed of 37mph over some 825 feet of track within a two minute time span. If you make it to Magic Mountain, will you get on this ride? Amusingly, it appears that this new track will come close to the existing Batman and Riddler's Revenge coasters.


Series: Green Lantern, The