Smallville Previews Beacon Episode (

By:Chris Beveridge
Date: Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The final episodes of Smallville continue to roll out and I'm glued to the screen watching it unfold in front of me, silly fan that I am, and the CW is teasing us a bit more this week with two promos for the latest episode that's due out, "Beacon". If you don't like the mush, avoid the second clip, particularly if you're not a Chloe fan (boo on you!) as she and Oliver spend some quality time together. Instead, just stick with the 21 second commercial clip that hits the high points to entice you into watching.

Episode Blurbs: "In difficult times it's easy to lose hope. That's why we need our heroes. Don't miss Smallville this Friday at 8/7c." and "Chloe just got Oliver back and doesn't want to lose him again. Catch Smallville this Friday at 8/7c."



Series: Smallville