Snyder Talks Superman (

By:Chris Beveridge
Date: Thursday, February 10, 2011
Source: SFX

The latest issue of the SFX magazine has a piece on Zack Snyder and they invariably tease the readers in their online edition with a few snippets about what he has to say about his view of the Superman film. Naturally, there's not a lot in terms of actual details, but he continues to offer thoughts on how Superman should be perceived, things a lot of fans want to hear about after the fairly weak characterization he received in Superman Returns.

“But I can say I think Superman needs to be physical.” is the main take away from it and it's something where you can't be surprised about it considering how his films bring about that physical prowess angle even from those that you wouldn't expect it from. A modern take on Superman with his particular style gives the chance for a truly powerful Superman, something we've only really seen in the comics and some of the animated features.

“My feeling about Superman is that I’ve been a fan of the character for a long time. But the question for me was always, ‘What can you do with Superman in a modern world?’ And I think the amazing thing that Chris and David have created, that I’m working on now, and the reason why I was like, ‘Yeah, I’ll do that,’ was that they found that in him. They found the why in him. That’s the exciting part for me.”

Series: Superman (Nolan/Snyder Relaunch)