Nemesis Gets Screenwriter (

By:Chris Beveridge
Date: Friday, February 11, 2011
Source: Latino Review

The slow trickle of news coming out of the film adaptation of Mark Millar's Nemesis continues as the latest tidbit is that final talks are in place for the screenwriter for the film. Millar's series got the nod earlier with Tony Scott coming on board the picture and now it appears that the man behind Lions for Lambs and State of Play is seeing what kind of fit he can make with it as Matthew Michael Carnahan is in talks for the slot. Carnahan's currently listed upcoming projects include two to-be-announced writing gigs for release with White Jazzand World War Z.

Plot summary: CIVIL WAR? Nothing. KICK-ASS? A warmup. What if the smartest, toughest costumed bad ass in the world was totally evil? Meet Nemesis. He's systematically been destroying the lives of every police chief in Asia, and he's now set his sights on Washington, DC. Between you and me, the police don't have a chance. Do not miss the book that EVERYONE will be talking about by the creative team that made CIVIL WAR the biggest book of the decade.

Series: Mark Millar's Nemesis