Supergirl #61 Preview (

By:Chris Beveridge
Date: Tuesday, February 15, 2011

With a tagline like "SUPERGIRL VS. SOCIAL NETWORKING?", you have to be a little interested as the change in how comics work with social networking inside of them does offer potential. Technology changes how heroes are perceived, idolized and adored so it's an interesting avenue to explore, though few comics really do that at this point even with all that it offers for making stories even more intriguing. DC Comics has put out several pages of tomorrow's release of Supergirl #61 online though, to share via social network and the like, with the story by James Peaty and artwork by Bernard Chang.

Plot summary: Super villains are appearing out of thin air, ambushing the DC Universe’s young heroes. There’s a new smart phone app that let’s users photograph and track superheroes. Could there be a connection? Kara takes a page out of Lois Lane’s book and begins to investigate in SUPERGIRL #61.

Series: Supergirl