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By:Chris Beveridge
Review Date: Saturday, February 19, 2011
Release Date: Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sometimes the best Christmas present a young man can get is to flip a skirt.

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While Christmas has come and gone in the real world, it's that time of the year in Mitsudomoe-land and there's fun to be had. With there being a little bit of santa-girl cosplay going on, complete with a mask as Yoshioka takes on the role, it has its cute moments from the start with skirts being flipped and some confusion about whether Santa is real from a growing boy. Of course, the best solution is to put one of the guys into the outfit so he can give a present to Ryuuta, as he's absolutely convinced that it has to be a guy for it to really be Santa, it just leads to more confusion. And accusations of cross dressing that are priceless since he flips the guys skirt and discovers boxers underneath. At least it's better than a certain pair of panties he saw from the first person to wear the outfit.

The school life for the kids continues to be rather spastic as well with a few different things going on. There's one point where one of the teachers wants to understand Hitoha and tries to work with her as she sits under the desk without explaining what's going through her mind. It goes poorly since she tries to emulate Yabe but it doesn't work the same and just leads to more molestation accusations by the students to good comedic effect, and pain for Satou as well. Another one has Futuba having a serious problem where she can't talk much so she writes everything down, including having to go to the bathroom for different things which turns into solid embarrassment for other students watching it all go on. The troubles of a teacher enters into it as well when Yabe is out and one of the others fills in while coping with getting older and having unruly kids. These kids are pretty brutally frank at times so her position and sadness is very understandable.

If anything at this point, Mitsuba continues to be a very frustrating character to watch because she epitomizes just about everything in young female characters that I dislike. While all the cast exaggerate things at times and go over the top, she's so out there and so in the viewers face that it's just too much to handle. Thankfully they do keep her to small doses overall, but even within an episode it can add up to too much. But she very much is a catalyst for things and causes herself so much trouble and makes her situations all the more worse that you can't help but to laugh at her because of it. Sadly, I've known kids like this and watching her going through all the different ways of trying to make things better but invariably making them worse is both very amusing and very painful to watch.

In Summary:
Mitsudomoe hits some fun material here throughout though nothing that really knocks it out of the park. The Santa themed material was cute, and disturbing with some of what we saw under the skirt, while the school scenes were a good deal of weird fun. For those who like the kids in their bloomers, there's lots to like with this episode since the final story has them doing pool cleaning but it turns into competitions more than anything else. It's sadly amusing as they come up with races against each other that turns dirty in their minds at the least, but it manages to make you grin more than just about anything else on here. Especially the way some of the kids seem so intent on making and getting dirt on each other.

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