Infinite Stratos Episode #09 (

By:Mark Thomas
Review Date: Monday, March 07, 2011
Release Date: Sunday, March 06, 2011


What They Say
Infinite Stratos (or IS for short) has quickly become at once the greatest tool and deadliest enemy during world conflicts. Unique for the IS, however, is it's limitations: only women are able to pilot them. Enter Ichika Orimura, brother of one of the greatest IS pilots in history, and after coming in contact with an IS at 15, oddly capable of piloting one himself. This strange occurrence opens up new worlds for him, and he is immediately enrolled in a school that specializes in IS pilot training. A school...of just girls. Is this a dream come true, or a nightmare come to life? The greatest ride of your life awaits you, as comic mischief and daring dogfights combine in INFINITE STRATOS!

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Really, Infinite Stratos? Really? After actually giving us some decent plot advancement in the previous episode, Infinite Stratos reverts to formula with the obligatory beach episode. I am not going to bother recapping the plot of this episode, because there really was not any. Girls fret over getting cute bathing suits, Ichika gets caught in embarrassing situations, and girls prance about the beach in next to nothing. If you have seen one beach episode, you have seen them all. The only thing of note that happened was that it was suggested Houki is going to get her own personal IS. I am not entirely sure how much I care at this point.

Do not get me wrong, I have nothing wrong with beach episodes. There are certainly less entertaining ways to spent twenty minutes than watching cute anime girls bounce around (in more ways than one). The problem is that nine episodes in, Infinite Stratos has been roughly 95% filler. If I stop and try not to think about it too much, I would probably be enjoying it more than I am, but it is frustrating because despite the formulaic setup, there is a basis for a decent anime here. They just refuse to let it out.

In Summary:
Infinite Stratos makes me want to punch things. It is not at all original, but there is potential for something fun here. Unfortunately, the writers are intent on ruining that fun. I am invested in seeing where this ends up at this point, but it is certainly trying my patience. Thumbs starting to point down.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

Mania Grade: C+
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Age Rating: 13 and Up
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Running time: 25
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Series: Infinite Stratos