Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas Episode #04 (

By:Chris Beveridge
Review Date: Wednesday, March 30, 2011
Release Date: Wednesday, February 16, 2011

With Alone having shown his true colors now, the darkness descends even further upon the world.

What They Say:
Though she learns of the death of Tenma, and of her brother Alone's reincarnation as Hades, Sasha pushes away her sadness and steadfastly fulfills her role as Athena. Meanwhile, while carrying Tenma's body, the Silver Saint Yato is visited by the Goddess Yuzuriha, who brings him to Jamir. The Chief of Jamir, Hakurei, tells him Tenma is not completely dead.

The Review:
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With Alone's transformation in the previous episode to Hades as his latest incarnation, life is definitely difficult for Athena. Being thrust into this position and having two people very close to her set into conflict like this strikes hard at her, as does the loss of any of the Saints that operate out of Sanctuary in her name. Discovering what happened to her brother and that of Tenma's death shows a very good side of her, as we see the emotions she does have, and allows the two Gold Saints who report to her to see it, but also to see how she does what is required and moves forward to deal with the threat. It humanizes her enough for them but also shows the spine that she has to deal with the issue at hand.

Of course, Tenma isn't actually dead but has managed to survive his encounter with Alone but he's in rough shape, along with another of the Saints with him doing the heavy lifting. To Yato's surprise, a woman named Yuzuriha has shown up there, a Specter no less, and she's intent on getting him to trust her by taking the two of them to Jamir where Tenma can get the help that he needs. It's a curious turn of events that goes a bit more mystical, but it largely follows the same ideas laid down by Sanctuary. In Jamir, it is these people who push back against Hades and carries out the orders for Athena, but they operate in a separate way that has them on a different path and sense of methodology that's a bit more brutal.

What's interesting about this area is that there is a man named Haukrei there that informs Yato about how this is the place where Cloths are fixed and revived, though because of the Holy War underway there aren't the kinds of sacrifices available to do it. Yato's Cloth is able to be fixed, and made seemingly lighter, which helps to restore a lot of his strength. But in order to save Tenma, Hakurei has to send Yato to the Underworld in order to rescue him from his aimless wanderings. With Yuzuriha at his side, they head into there to deal with it and it's a fascinating place with a good bit of action to it that really helps cement it all the more. Yato is what makes this episode work in the end though with his intent to free Tenma, but getting to see this aspect of the world is a key moment.

In Summary:
Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas continues to find a very good blend of action and epicness to it as we see the fallout from events surrounding Alone's transformation. Taking Tenma out of the picture for a bit here works surprisingly well as it lets Yato take the center stage, introduces Jamir and its meaning and then shoves him into the position of being a rescuer as he has to save Tenma from the Underworld. It makes him more than the bit player he seemed like he was going to be. Athena herself has some very strong moments at the start of the episode that shows that she can't be pigeonholed just yet as she handles the news of what's happened to her brother and to Tenma in just the right way, making her far more interesting to watch as events unfold. All told, this episode solidly moves the show along, introduces some new things and makes the paths even clearer.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

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