Fringe: Bloodline (

By:Kurt Anthony Krug
Review Date: Sunday, March 27, 2011

 GOOD NEWS: FOX renewed Fringe on March 25 for a fourth season. WAHOOO!!!!!!! Kudos to FOX for doing the right thing. It’s the very least this network can do for the fans of this great show, especially after the way it screwed over Firefly and Dollhouse. That aside, would it be too much to ask FOX to move it out of its Friday night time-slot, which is the kiss of death?

After the WTF moment last week with the soul of William Bell (a role previously played by the now-retired Leonard Nimoy) taking up residence in Olivia’s (Anna Torv) body, we head back Over There where Fauxlivia (also Torv) undergoes a test to see if she has viral propagated eclampsia, which killed her sister and niece in childbirth. She is then kidnapped and her pregnancy is accelerated. However, Fauxlivia is concerned about her baby’s welfare, afraid she has the virus, which is confirmed to her mother (Amy Madigan) by the OB-GYN. 

Rushing to Fauxlivia’s rescue are Lincoln (Seth Gabel) and Henry the cabbie (Andre Royo), who encountered the real Olivia at the start of this season and has expressed his concern for Fauxlivia. The two deliver Fauxlivia’s baby, a boy. For a moment, the creators had the audience fooled that Fauxlivia died in childbirth for a moment, but in the next she showed some signs of life.

By the end of the episode, Lincoln and Charlie (Kirk Acevedo) learn more about the alternate reality, that Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) is the father of Fauxlivia’s baby, and that Walternate (John Noble) has been holding out of them. Thus, the seeds of distrust are planted.

The real twist is the epilogue where a blood sample from the baby is drawn and given to Brandon (Ryan McDonald), one of Walternate’s scientists. Brandon is the one who developed the procedure to accelerate Fauxlivia per the orders of Walternate in what was a very hush-hush job. Turns out that the virus couldn’t accelerate at the same rate the pregnancy was accelerated, which was the reason why Fauxlivia and her baby survived.  

Torv is really getting a chance to stretch as an actress this season, playing three characters: Olivia, Fauxlivia, and Bellivia (William Bell inhabiting Olivia’s body). The way she emulated Nimoy last week was dead on. The way she portrayed a desperate woman trying to get away from her captors this week was very believable – you felt for her. She should really get nominated for an Emmy for her work on this show, she really should.

In the next episode, we return to the prime universe, where Peter and Walter (also Noble) tap into Bellivia’s head via LSD. Looks pretty cool. What’s infuriating is that it’s three weeks from now. Thanks, FOX. Much appreciated. 

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Mania Grade: A-
TV Series: Fringe
Episode: Bloodlines
Starring: Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Jasika Nicole, Lance Reddick, Blair Brown
Written by: Alison Schapker, Monica Owusu-Breen
Directed by: Dennis Smith
Network: Fox