Gosick Episode #11 (Mania.com)

By:Chris Beveridge
Review Date: Friday, April 01, 2011
Release Date: Friday, April 01, 2011

The arrival of a very outgoing girl in Victorique's library is the last thing that she wants.

What They Say:
A visitor comes to the academy and it turns out to be Jacqueline, wife of the police superintendent general and seemingly close acquaintance of Inspector Blois. Kazuya is entrusted with giving her a tour, but the innocent Jacqueline soon takes the reins, directing them to the library. There, Jacqueline encounters Victorique, and confides that she was at the center of a murder investigation several years before...

The Review:
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Gosick returns after an extended break in Japan due to the natural disasters there and the focus is on the simple fun of the characters themselves, though it's done with a soft style with a smile. The start of the episode is rather fun as it brings in a female character that's unlike most of the others so far in the form of Jacqueline, the wife of the police superintendent. She's very good friends with Blois, though there are issues there, and he asks Kazuya to be the one to take her around the grounds of the academy. Jacqueline has her own goal in mind though as she gets them to go the library where Victorique resides and she's hell bent, in a funny way, on getting to the top of it all so she can see Victorique.

Jacqueline has gotten herself caught up in something though as while on the way over to the academy, her servant bumped into someone and ended up swapping the cases they were holding since they were pretty much identical. The crest on it however makes it so that Blois can figure it out easily and it has him feeling very serious about things. The serious side turns with Jacqueline as well as she starts to detail to Victorique about a murder investigation she was suspected in several years ago where a veterinarian had died and left a dying message that implicated her heavily. Even though Victorique doesn't seek out mysteries, they do enter into her presence quite often and it's hard to turn away from them, no matter how simple they may be.

What's interesting is that the story she tells ties back to the murder investigation that Blois himself asked Victorique to reconstruct once before, which now gives it a much more human face. The explanation about the murder that she reveals to just Kazuya is short and to the point, and nicely done, but with it being something from the past, it does lack a bit of resonance to it all as it feels a bit more like an info dump. The storyline involving the case swap in the present is handled simply, with a nice little touch of humor to it all with how they act, but there's an edge of seriousness to part of it as well when it comes to Blois as he deals with Victorique over Jacqueline. With his easily apparent feelings for her, it's the kind of straining point between them that can be difficult to deal with.

In Summary:
Gosick has a pretty decent story here that's kind of fun mostly because of the inclusion of Jacqueline. She's a bright spot of sunshine in the series that tends to be a bit too serious because of Victorique in a way that Kazuya can't seem to be because of his own personality. She has a nicely layered story here that ties back to some past events but it also shows Blois to be a deeper character than we thought as well. While we're usually seeing him just through his appearance with the suit and hair and the kind of almost foppish personality, he has a different side here that we've had glances at before as well and it's definitely good to see the counterweight to it all. The episode isn't one with a huge amount of impact, but it lets the characters breathe and that's a big plus.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

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