Cavill Talks SUPERMAN Research (

By:Jarrod Sarafin
Date: Tuesday, April 05, 2011
Source: MTV Movies

With the incoming Man of Steel, Henry Cavill, appearing at last weekend's WonderCon event in connection to his upcoming Immortals release, it's very likely we'll be seeing some updates from Cavill on being the new Superman these next few days. Consider this one the first with MTV Movies sitting down with the actor to discuss what Henry is currently doing in preparation for the title role.

"I'm just picking out as much as I possibly can from the comic book history," says Henry Cavill on researching the character, "because, obviously, it's plastered across there as to who this man is and whatever part of his life you're playing; whatever part of his ultimate journey you're playing, you just need to put into either the building aspects, the building blocks to how he ends up. All those key characteristics that are carried through."

The website also asked the actor on the recent casting of Amy Adams as his working partner, Lois Lane, and what he thought of the age gap between the two stars. For his part, he dismissed it as happenstance and confirmed a decent screen test worked well.

"Yes, there was a screen test and she's a fantastic actress. Very talented. I'm looking forward to working with her," explains Cavill. "To be honest, that's [age gap] a question for the director. But, happenstance. I don't think it matters at all."

Watch the video down below and read the story here.

The film's current stars include Cavill, Adams, Kevin Costner and Diane Lane. Director Zack Snyder is in charge at the helm, based on a screenplay by writing duo David Goyer and Jonathan Nolan. Batman helmer Christopher Nolan is executive producing.

Superman will fly into theaters December 2012.



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