Kodansha Comics Launches Full Site (Mania.com)

By:Chris Beveridge
Date: Wednesday, April 20, 2011

With it just a couple of weeks until Kodansha Comics gets its first wave of titles out into the market that previously appeared under the Del Rey Manga banner with Fairy Tail, Rave Master and Shugo Chara, the company has revamped its very basic and barren website to something that is, shockingly enough, simple yet very useful and easy to navigate. 

The new site provides their latest press releases and messages in quick to click form before going into a short graphic list of the new titles out for the next month with the cover art, volume number and date. Their news section is minimal so far, going only with the press release from back in March and not using the solicitation style press releases of what titles to expect, so it's hard to say how easy to navigate this section will be. The Titles page is an interesting approach that could get bogged down in time as it has a bullet list of series, but if you click the series it shows you the volumes and small cover art for each one that you can click on to see more detailed information. That's all outsourced though as it pops you to a new window over at Random House, which isn't a bad way to do it overall.

The release dates section is my favorite though as it shows off each month with the volumes and the small cover art, letting you get a good look at what's coming up and letting the artwork sell it. The firs two months have cover art so far and it's definitely good to see the similar designs for much of these from what we've seen before, and seeing the coming soon artwork for future volumes has you wanting to come back to see what kinds of designs those will have.

While company sites, especially for manga, are never all that engaging overall and Kodansha Comics doesn't stray from that too much, what they have here is a simple but effective site that has plenty of room to grow, but works under the Keep It Simple, Stupid approach that you wish more sites would have employed the last few years. If you want to find out information on Kodansha's books, their official site is definitely the place to check out.