DVD Shopping Bag: Hammer Film’s Wake Wood Blu-ray (Mania.com)

By:Robert T. Trate
Date: Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We hope that you can forgive us but the DVD Shopping Bag is jumping ahead a few weeks. We received a copy of the new Hammer Film, Wake Wood on Blu-ray and had to check it out. Being huge Hammer Film fans, especially the ones from days of old and their first modern film Let Me In (see review), we were more than excited. This week the DVD Shopping Bag is packed with a few titles worth picking up, we just thought a preview* of things to come may get you excited or save you some money.
Wake Wood is the dark tale of a Louise (Eva Birthistle) and Patrick (Aidan Gillen), a married couple who lose their daughter in a terrible accident. Over a year later they have moved to the small country town of Wake Wood. Things haven’t been good for this married couple. With their daughter Alice (Ella Connolly) gone they only see the emptiness in their lives. Patrick agrees to take Louise to the train station one night as she wishes to leave him. Their car breaks down and in the search for the next home they make a startling discovery. Enter Wormtail himself Timothy Spall as Arthur. Louise witnesses Arthur conduct a bizarre ceremony that brings a man back from the dead. Upon further investigation they believe there is a chance to bring back Alice too.
All right, I know you have heard this part before. The plot has been done over and over again. To make things a tad more interesting Wake Wood also invokes a bit of the Wicker Man as well. This small Irish village is packed with odd rituals and strange characters. Naturally, Louise and Patrick ask Arthur for help and quickly provisos are laid out. A quick glance between the two distraught parents and we know that they are not being completely honest with Arthur. This of course leads us to our resurrected evil little girl run amuck story.
There are several problems that any modern film which bears the Hammer name can face. The first is the amount of blood. Blood in a Hammer Film has to flow like the river Styx. It must be plentiful and it must be red. Thankfully, Wake Wood has that. Hammer Films are also synonymous with bountiful bosoms. We do see one set but we are willing to let that part of Hammer legacy fade into the past. A Hammer Film today also has a lot of lineage to live up to. It has generations of fans that grew up with them willing to accept two or three bad ones to get to that one gem. With Hammer Films slowly making a come back the screening of a new one every so many months doesn’t help the brand if one is a disappointment. Sadly, Wake Wood is more of disappointment then a gem.
The plot is almost Stephen King’s Pet Cemetery. The ending is King’s Carrie with a bit of Sam Raimi’s Drag Me to Hell thrown in. After all the happenings, lies, and attempts at preventing the horror the audience is left with a head scratcher. This would be fine if it sparks the imagination and the incessant need to watch the film again. Wake Wood breaks its own laws as well as the laws of nature (literally) and it makes you feel as if you just wasted your time. Time that could have been better spent watching Pet Cemetery, Drag Me to Hell, or finding yet another original Hammer Film gem.
* We placed an asterisk next to the word preview above because while watching the previews on this Blu-ray, Dark Sky Films had a trailer that literally had us drooling. Norwegian Ninja is available on DVD from Dark Sky Films on August 30th, 2011. So watching Wake Wood, in the end, wasn’t all that bad after all.

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Toward the Unknown Starring William Holden, Lloyd Nolan and Charles McGraw
Cedar Rapids Starring Ed Helms and John C. Reilly
Cedar Rapids [Blu-ray]
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Mega Python vs. Gatoroid Starring Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, A. Martinez and Kathryn Joosten
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The Rig [Blu-ray] Starring William Forsythe, Art LaFleur, Marcus T. Paulk
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The Closer: The Complete Sixth Season Starring Kyra Sedgwick and J.K. Simmons
Louie: Season One (DVD/Blu-ray Combo in DVD Packaging) Starring Louis C.K.
Louie Season 1 2Disc Combo (in Blu-Ray Packaging)
Medium: The Seventh and Final Season Starring Miguel Sandoval, Jake Weber, David Cubitt
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