Iron Man 3 Production Details (

By:Jarrod Sarafin
Date: Friday, September 23, 2011
Source: Latino Review

It seems that Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Pictures wants a change of scenery for Shane Black's production of Iron Man 3, the third solo adventure of the character which is planned to help kick off the 2013 summer season. While the first two films led by previous director Jon Favreau were shot primarily in the filming hotbed of Los Angeles, Latino Review reports the third tale is being moved to the Screen Gems studio lot in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Over 10 sound stages will be utilized by incoming director Black, who's also teaming up to help script out the story alongside fellow writer Drew Pearce. At the moment, Robert Downey Jr---the star who returns as the iron-clad hero in next summer's The Avengers---is the only confirmed returning star for the third installment but we can expect Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle to reprise their roles as well as we near the production launch next June.

Iron Man 3 flies into theaters May 3, 2013.

Series: Avengers (Marvel Studios' The Avengers), Iron Man 3