DVD Shopping Bag: Blu-Rays for Black Friday (Mania.com)

By:Robert T. Trate
Date: Tuesday, November 22, 2011


The holidays are officially about to kick off this weekend and the DVD Shopping Bag has its picks for Blu-rays to get on Black Friday. The choice is essentially your’s as you could either get these for yourself, a friend, a colleague, or a loved one. The retailers will be looking to bring you in with deals all day Friday. However, let us not forget Cyber-Monday and all the free shipping! The Shopping Bag is packed with some choice titles and box sets that should be prefect for the geek or film aficionado in your life. 
Farscape – The Complete Series Blu-ray (buy here)
It was released only last week and is the complete box set of the TV series. However, it does not feature the finale, The Peacekeeper Wars. A nice little bonus would be to throw that in as well. The series looks great on Blu-ray and does feature a new documentary that was not present on the 2009 release. What is surprising is how great the make-up and effects look in 1080p. This is the perfect gift for the fan that has been holding out for the adventures of John Crichton or just loves Sci-Fi.  
Doctor Who – Series 6 Blu-ray (buy here)
The sixth season (or as the Brits call it: “series”) arrives today on Blu-ray. Matt Smith really has come into his own as the Doctor and this season proves that. I am growing tired with the Doctor dying plots that seem to have become a theme for the show. Yet, this season, made it almost impossible for him to escape that destiny. A great turn on the Doctor Who ride is series 6. With the Christmas Episode already having a trailer (see here), the Doctor isn’t going anywhere any time soon.
Harry Potter – Complete Series Blu-ray (buy here)
Your time is literally running out as the adventures of Harry Potter will be pulled from the shelves Dec. 29th by Warner Brothers (see why here). I wouldn’t doubt that as early as next year there will be a new complete comprehensive box set. If you need to upgrade and don’t care about special features, then now is the time to buy. Be warned, those deleted scenes are probably going to creep back into some special editions real soon.
Ben-Hur – 50th Anniversary Box Set Blu-ray (buy here)
This one is clearly for the film aficionado in the family. Warner Brothers went all out and made a definitive edition (see column) of the film. Hours of documentaries, interviews, and a Blu-ray transfer that is completely worth the price tag. My only gripe that this box set had everything except the soundtrack. Come on Warner Brothers, really give us everything.
Citizen Kane – 75th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray (buy here)
The film some call the greatest film of all time. Not me (see column). However, if you know someone who loves this movie, this a perfect box set. It made me angry, however, that the care that went into this Blu-ray (design wise) tramples that of the Star Wars Blu-rays (released at the same time). For any fan, this is their ultimate Rosebud.
Twilight Zone – The Complete Series Blu-ray (buy here)
There isn’t a definitive box set, but each and every season of the Twilight Zone is now on Blu-ray. I personally could not recommend these Blu-rays more. I had the chance to review four out of the five seasons and each was unbelievable. To give one season would be a great gift; to give them all, an amazing one. 
Lord of the Rings – Extended Edition Blu-ray (buy here)
It will be a couple years before there is the ultimate J.R.R. Tolkien edition which will include The Hobbit. Until then, your LOTR fan will have to watch the adventures in Middle Earth in these (finally) extended edition Blu-rays of the film (see column). Follow the “buy here” link and get this edition. No true fan wants merely the theatrical cuts.
A Clockwork Orange Anniversary Blu-ray (buy here)
This isn’t really one to open on Christmas morning, but will perhaps suit the fan at a holiday party. The picture quality is breathtaking, but it is McDowell’s commentary that makes this Blu-ray worth picking up. Check out my review here on Mania.
Island of Lost Souls Criterion Collection Blu-ray (buy here)
This was one of the biggest surprises on Blu-ray this year. Here is the complete version of the film brought to us by Criterion Collection. Any film fan (horror or otherwise) will appreciate this Blu-ray. To watch it once was not enough. The commentary by Gregory Mank is packed with a rich look at the film, its players, and why so many versions existed. A perfect Blu-ray if ever there was one (see review). 
Top 5 Picks of the Week:
1. Super 8 (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy)
2. 12 Angry Men (The Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray]
3. Rushmore (Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray]
4. The Devil's Double [Blu-ray]
5. Raven/The Pit and the Pendulum/Tales of Terror, The (only $6.95)
Carjacked [Blu-ray] Starring Maria Bello and Stephen Dorff
Charlie Chan: In the Secret Service/The Chinese Cat/The Jade Mask Starring Sidney Toler, Edwin Luke and Joan Woodbury
Darkroom Starring David Stevens and Darren Dalton
Dead Man's Revenge Starring Bruce Dern, Michael Ironside, Vondie Curtis-Hall
Devil And Leroy Bassett, The Starring Cody Bearpaw, John F. Goff George Buck Flower
The Devil's Double [Blu-ray] Starring Dominic Cooper, Ludivine Sagnier, Raad Rawi
The Devil's Double
Green Guys Starring Kris Lemche, Roberto Sanchez, Nathan Marlow
Hollywood Man Starring Mary Woronov, Don Stroud William Smith
Play Dirty/The Dogs of War/The Purple Plain Starring Christopher Walken, Michael Caine and Gregory Peck
Saki The Killer Starring Masami Kosaka, Hidetoshi Imura and Mauricio Solis
Valdez Is Coming/The Ride Back/Buffalo Bill and the Indians Starring Anthony Quinn, Burt Lancaster and Paul Newman
Bakuman: First Issue Starring Atsushi Abe, Michael Sinterniklaas, Satoshi Hino
Coicent / Five Numbers [Blu-ray]
Fairy Tail: Part 1 (Blu-ray/DVD Combo) Starring Todd Haberkorn, Cherami Leigh, Colleen Clickenbeard
Hetalia - Paint it, White - The Movie (Limited Edition) Starring Todd Haberkorn, Christopher Bevins, Patrick Seitz
Hetalia - Paint it, White - The Movie
Pokemon Dp Galactic Battles 7-8
Pokemon: Dp Galactic Battles 7
Pokemon: Dp Galactic Battles 8
Tekken: Blood Vengeance Starring Cristina Vee
The Adventures Of Tintin: Season One Starring Colin O'Meara, David Fox and Wayne Robson
Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker [Blu-ray]
Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World Special Edition
Conan The Adventurer: Season Two, Part One Starring Michael Donovan and Janyse Jaud
Horton Hears a Who [Blu-ray]
Prep and Landing
Scooby Doo: Aloha Scooby Doo [Blu-ray]
Scooby Doo & Cyber Chase [Blu-ray]
Tom & Jerry: Fast & The Furry [Blu-ray]
The Birth of a Nation - Special Edition [Blu-ray] Starring Lillian Gish, Henry B. Walthall, Mae Marsh and Ralph Lewis
Three Amigos [Blu-ray] Starring Martin Short, Steve Martin, Alfonso Arau and Tony Plana
Criterion Collection
12 Angry Men (The Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray] Starring Ed Begley, Henry Fonda, Jack Warden and Jack Klugman
12 Angry Men (Criterion Collection)
Rushmore (Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray] Starring Jason Schwartzman, Bill Murray, Olivia Williams
Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas (Special Edition) Starring Paige O'Hara, Robby Benson, Jerry Orbach
Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas Special Edition (Two-Disc Blu-ray / DVD in Blu-ray Packaging)
Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas Special
Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas Special [Blu-ray]
Great White Death
Haunted Changi Starring Sheena Chung, Farid Azlam, Audi Khalis and Andrew Lau
Helldriver [Blu-ray] Starring Minoru Torihada, Eihi Shiina and Yumiko Hara
Hunger Cult Films, Martin Rutley - Where The Dogs Divide Her Starring Lienite Ozolina and Jon Stoley
My Stepdad's a Freakin' Vampire! Starring Larry Peterson, M.A. Alford and Lahcen Anajjar
Naked Massacre Starring Debra Berger, Christine Boisson, Myriam Boyer
Night Crawlers, Night Crawlers - Night Crawlers Starring Eryn Brooke, Rob Hood Joel Greco
Prophecy: Uprising & Prophecy: Forsaken [Blu-ray] Starring Jason Scott Lee, Jason London and John Light
Raven/The Pit and the Pendulum/Tales of Terror, The Starring Vincent Price, Jack Nicholson, John Kerr and Peter Lorre
Scream 4 [Blu-ray] Starring Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette
They All Must Die!
Conan the Barbarian (Two-Disc Combo: Blu-ray 3D / Blu-ray / DVD) Starring Jason Momoa and Ron Perlman
Conan the Barbarian
Spy Kids 4: All The Time In The World Starring Jessica Alba, Danny Trejo, Antonio Banderas
Spy Kids 4: All The Time In The World (Three-Disc 3D Blu-ray / Blu-ray / DVD Combo + Digital Copy)
Super 8 (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy) Starring Elle Fanning, Kyle Chandler, Joel Courtney and Ryan Lee
Super 8
Doctor Who: The Complete Sixth Series Starring Matt Smith
The Gene Autry Show - The Complete Second Season - 26 Episodes! Starring Gene Autry, Gail Davis, Alan Hale Jr. and Harry Lauter
Law & Order UK: Season Two Starring Ben Daniels, Jamie Bamber and Bradley Walsh
The Office: Special Edition Starring Martin Freeman, Ricky Gervais, Mackenzie Crook
Perry Mason: Season Six, Vol. 2 Starring Raymond Burr, Ray Collins, William Hopper
Jean Claude Van Damme 3 Pack (Death Warrant/Double Impact/Cyborg) Starring Jean-Claude Van Damme
L-Word: Complete Series
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