You're Awesome Maniacs (

By:Jarrod Sarafin
Date: Thursday, March 29, 2012

It seems somewhat fitting that a "Superman" story would be my final piece as an official news editor for The reason? It was one of the points that led me to seek out back in 1997. It was right around the time when Warner Bros. Pictures was in the process of taking it out of Kevin Smith's hands and placing it firmly into Tim Burton's.

Flash forward 15 years (and one Superman feature film) later and here I'm bidding my farewell to all of you kick-ass Maniacs. At least as far as the news editor's job is concerned. I will always bleed Maniac through and through and I'm sure there will be plenty of stories down the road where you'll see my name in the comment feedback section. Somebody has to keep geeks like Wiseguy, Hanso, Karas, Almost Unbiased and...oh hell...all of you in check. Or perhaps, it's you that need to keep me in check as you've done so well over the last seven years. Whatever the case, I'd like to take this time to thank all of you for living in the genre trenches alongside me and of course thank Chip Meyers, Patrick Sauriol, Will Plyler, Rich Kuras, Joey Campbell. and countless others for the opportunity at such a wonderful job.

A job in which I'm passing to very skilled hands by way of Robert T. Trate. Not only is he a great person, he's also a veteran Maniac that has lived in those same genre trenches we know so well. Many of you Maniacs have known him from his weekly columns (DVD Shopping Bag, Toy Maniac, Geek Life) over the years but more will remember him from his countless convention pieces over the last half decade. From the New York Comic-Con to the almighty annual San Diego Comic-Con, Robert Trate has been around the block and then some...So say hello to the good man, welcome him aboard and enjoy!

"Second star to the right...and straight on 'til morning."

Jarrod S.