Greeting Manics (

By:Robert T. Trate
Date: Sunday, April 08, 2012

Hello Maniacs, it’s your new News Editor Robert T. Trate or, as my friends call me, Bob. I hope you have enjoyed my first week as your leading Maniac. I got the font issue squared away and I have already started to update parts of the site. The first and most important psrt was Comics. I really missed Comicscape and our weekly Wednesday update. Every week I used to equip myself with at least one or two extra titles all because of Mania’s Comicscape. I have complete faith in Joel [Rickenbach] to bring Comicscape back to its former glory. 

In case you are wondering where I came from, I’ve been here the whole time. I’ve been reading Mania since it was Cinescape Magazine. I started writing my first column in 2007, The DVD Shopping Bag, and since then I’ve written two new ones: The Toy Maniac and The Geek Life. It is mind boggling to me that that I’ve written the DVD Shopping Bag for nearly 5 years. That is a hell of lot of titles. I also can’t believe that The Toy Maniac is approaching its 200th week. Now, I’m honored to be watching over Mania and being a part of the great Mania/ Cinescape tradition. I won’t be one to sit back and let the news just come in. I believe in going out to Conventions, sitting in on press junkets, and bringing the best news to you Maniacs first hand. Thank Jor-El I have Rob Vaux as my right hand man to do this.
What we need from you Maniacs is what you already give us. Your fanaticism, your undying loyalty, and above all your reach. If you love a story, review, feature, or column then pass it on. Help spread the word about Mania and how passionate we are. You know how. This way we can grow and pass that on to you with better stories, set visits, interviews, and above all exclusives. 
The insanity of our holiday season (what I call the summer blockbusters) is almost upon us. Each and every week will be packed with midnight screenings, reviews, interviews, and trailers for the fall and winter movies (The Hobbit!!!). It is simply the best time to tune into Mania and be a Maniac.