We Cast Avengers 2 (Mania.com)

By:Rob Vaux
Date: Friday, May 04, 2012
Source: Mania.com

 The Avengers is finally here and before the film even has a chance to score with audiences, talk has arisen of a sequel. That’s bitten more than a few superhero projects in the ass – don’t hold your breath for Green Lantern II – but reliable early buzz suggests that the hype may be well-founded. (I’ve seen the film myself and it’s a winner.) In addition, there’s fifty years of comics and hundreds of characters for a sequel to draw upon. Which characters would appear in a Part 2 and who would Marvel cast for them? We have our own thoughts on the issue and decided to share. Kevin Fiege, we hope you’re reading.


Ant-Man: Patrick Wilson

Ant-Man and the Wasp are the two biggest omissions to the roster in the first film. Edgar Wright notwithstanding, we can reasonably expect them to make an appearance in the sequels. For the brilliant, tormented Hank Pym, we’re tapping Watchmen’s Night Owl: Patrick Wilson. He possesses the squared-jawed good looks required for a superhero, as well as the necessary dark side that he showed in films like Hard Candy.


Wasp: Cristina Ricci

The winsome Wasp needs an actress with a diminutive figure, as well as someone who can shift between fun-loving socialite, veteran leader and vulnerable wife. We’re going with Cristina Ricci: small and perky, but with hidden depths that speak to emotional pain. Also, she can rock the black costume.


Quicksilver: Wentworth Miller

Quicksilver and his sister occupy a rare gray area in Marvel character rights, where they can legally appear in both Avengers movies and X-Men movies. Either way, comic-dom’s fastest-man-not-actually-wearing-a-red-costume needs a serious ‘tude and the glare to back it up. Prison Break hard case Wentworth Miller fits the bill.


Scarlet Witch: Eva Green

Wanda Maximoff is mysterious, alluring and possibly crazy, depending on what point in the comics they choose to use. Bond girl and sometime Morgan le Fay Eva Green can play all those things, as well as delivering an enigmatic European accent that conjures the character’s mystical side. The fact that she looks fantastic in red doesn’t hurt either.


Black Panther: Idris Elba

Idris Elba weathered the storm of casting controversy to deliver a wonderful Heimdall in Kenneth Branagh’s Thor. An Avengers sequel can easily reassign him to a more Earth-bound role: the dignified yet deadly Black Panther.


She-Hulk: Jessica Biel

Jennifer Walters requires someone with real muscle structure while still retaining her feminine beauty. The mo-cap suit can’t do everything; we need to feel the character when she’s normal as well as emerald green. We’re going with Total Recall’s Jessica Biel: built like a brick shithouse and still gorgeous at 5-foot-8. She also possesses a decent sense of comic timing… an absolute necessity for the fourth-wall-busting She-Hulk.


The Vision: Zachary Quinto

The Avengers’ resident android is empathic and emotional, but also clinical. The man who plays him needs a detached demeanor and an air of the otherworldly to him, but can’t lose the soul that makes him more than just a machine. Zachary Quinto knocked that equation out of the park as Mr. Spock. There’s no reason not to let him join the team here for a curtain call.


Ms. Marvel: Yvonne Strahovski

Ms. Marvel is another scarred soul, though she also possesses great power and confidence that comes with her abilities. Carol Danvers was also an espionage agent second to none… a trait that leads us naturally to Chuck’s Yvonne Strahovski. She has the physical skills to compete with Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow, as well as the emotional range necessary to cover Danvers in any era.


Mockingbird: Maggie Grace

Mockingbird is Hawkeye’s sweetie, a state that sets up a natural love triangle with the Black Widow. Maggie Grace matches Johansson’s confidence, along with a sunnier demeanor that makes a nice fit for a Clint Barton looking for redemption. Grace also kicks high and knows her way around a quip, both required traits in this kind of ensemble.


Wonder Man: Armie Hammer

Hammer recently appeared in Mirror, Mirror and as the Brothers Winklevoss in The Social Network. That last bit showed off his knack for anger and betrayal – an absolute necessity for Simon Williams – as well as the chiseled physique required for any superhero of this type.