The Geek Life: 5 Geek Movie Questions (

By:Robert T. Trate
Date: Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The Geek Life is a weekly look at what is going on in the Geek Culture. Movies, Comics, Books, Video Games, and TV Shows encompass more than just release dates and reviews. This week the Geek Life asks 5 Geek movie questions. 
There are always questions that arise from movies we watch over and over again. Somewhere upon the 100th viewing a switch in our mind goes off. Wait a second, why couldn’t he just...? It becomes a quagmire wrapped in a riddle and it will always be an enigma. The Geek Life has come up with 5 of its own questions. These are questions that I am sure some of you have also asked before. However, we have supplied answers as well. 
Lord of the Rings
Question: Why didn't the Eagles just take the one ring to Mordor? 
Answer: If Gandalf would have called the Eagles for help, there would have been no adventure, no quest, and nothing really would have been gained. Dropping the one ring in Mount Doom via Eagles express is about as thrilling as emptying the trash on your computer. We’re happy that the Eagles sat on the sidelines for as long as they did. 
Star Wars Saga
Question: Why do Obi-Wan and Yoda disappear after they die and Qui-Gon doesn't?
Answer: Since, technically, Qui-Gon did die first he passed on the knowledge of how to “become one with the force” to Obi-Wan and Yoda after Episode 3. Obi-Wan, as you can see, prepares himself before Vader’s final blow and, well, Yoda knew he was about to “forever sleep”. This allows them to become spirits and show up to pass knowledge onto Luke and drink Ewok Ale at the celebration. The “becoming one with force” theory does have its hole. How did Anakin become one with the force and show up at the celebration? As he, too, did not disappear like Qui-Gon when he died.
Superman 2
Question: Why did Lex Luther want Australia?
Answer: It is the Geek Life’s belief that the greatest criminal mind of our age knew Australia housed secret deposits of Kryptonite. Addis Ababa wasn’t the only place to get hit by the meteors. Australia is one of the largest land masses on Earth and it stands to reason that meteorites from Krypton would have landed there. If anything, it does have great beach front property. 
Back to the Future


Question: How did Doc and Marty get the DeLorean to work?
In 1985 Marty asks Doc if the machine runs regular gasoline. Doc informs Marty that it runs on something with a little more kick, plutonium. When Marty makes his fateful trip into the past, the DeLorean gets him from old man Peabody’s to the future site of Lyon Estates. When Marty tries to drive into Hill Valley, the car stalls. We don’t see the gas gage, we see that the plutonium supply is empty. To get Marty home, Doc informs him that he is going to run a lighting rod directly into the Flux Capacitor (since plutonium is a little hard to come by). He’ll then harness lighting to generate the 1.22 gigawatts of electricity necessary to fuel the Flux Capacitor. 
So the question comes up again: how did Doc ever get the DeLorean to drive down the street to 88 mph, let alone start up if it runs only on plutonium? 
We know that in future installments it runs on regular gas, but this is question is for when we originally saw the film in 1985 without knowledge supplied by the sequels. 
Answer: ?
JJ Abrams’ Star Trek (2009)

Question: Why didn’t Nero save Romulus and its inhabitants from destruction when he was trapped in the past?

This is my biggest problem with Abrams’ reboot of the Star Trek franchise. Nero follows Spock into the past and, instead of alerting the people of Romulus, he goes all Captain Ahab. He possessed the means to save the population and not destroy the time line. The technology of his ship and the knowledge of future events alone could have backed him up. If he loved his family and wife enough, he could have saved the future/ his present. 

Answer: None. 

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