True Blood: Lets Boot and Rally Review (

By:Joel Rickenbach
Review Date: Monday, July 09, 2012

This is by far the darkest episode of the season yet, and it's also the best. There's no real attempt at half-assed romance, other than a little vomit, and most of the storylines are finally feeling like they have stakes. The best example of this, believe it or not, is Terry Bellefleur's  (Todd Lowe). We get the reveal of what has been hunting Terry and his squad mates, an Ifrit (add another supernatural stalwart to the True Blood menagerie), but it's not the actual fire demon that makes the story so compelling, it's the rather surprising revelation that Terry may actually deserve it. Shows love to tease that our characters have done something terrible, but more often than not it ends up that they actually didn't, they were "just there". Yeah, our hero should have known better, and didn't do anything to stop it, but at least he didn't pull the trigger, whew! No, Terry actually pulled the trigger if the flashback is to be believed, and one of Bon Temps most likeable, if not a bit quirky, citizens has had the layers peeled back, and is now even more interesting than ever.
Thank the maker Bill and Eric (and Sooki and Alcide and... Doug?) finally find Russell Edgington. This thread of implanted silver explosives, changing time schedules, goofy gadget girl familiars and very little forward motion was really starting to rot. The character of Nora is so confounding and seemingly pointless, yet is continually thrust forth as the lynchpin to the Authority storyline. Can someone remind me why they are still keeping her alive at this point?
Other notable pluses this week are Jessica explaining to Tara what it is to be a vampire, Sam's story involving the murder of his shifter friends heats up with a nice dose of harsh reality, and Andy Bellefleur saying "Ewok".

Best Moment: Jason's twisted dream.
Worst Moment: Jesus' disembodied head. 

Mania Grade: B+
Episode: Lets Boot and Rally
Cast: Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Rutina Wesley, Sam Trammell, Christopher Meloni
Director: Michael Lehmann
Written By: Alan Ball (creator), Charlaine Harris (novels)
Network: HBO