Comic Con 2012: Cosplayers Day 1 (

By:Robert T. Trate
Date: Friday, July 13, 2012

What is Comic Con without people dressing up? The first official day of Comic Con had plenty of Cosplayers to both entertain and delight. I also threw in a few more pictures of the booths and displays. There were tons of heroes, villains, and surprising new costumes as well. Who would have ever thought we would see a Zed from Zardoz? 
1. A Strange World of Modeling Alien 

2. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

3. Arrow Costume (DC Entertainment Booth)

4. Audrey II 

5. Booth Babes and a Mad Girlfriend

6. The Cobra Commander Helmet (Hasbro Booth)

7. Daredevil

8. Darth Vader and Boush

9. Deathstroke Mask (DC Entertainment Booth)

10. Firefly’s Motorcycle from GI JOE (Hasbro Booth)

11. The Green Arrow

12. Lady Green Lantern

13. Marvel Booth

14. Belle

15. Mario and Luigi 

16. Mega Man and his Cronies

17. Morticia and Lady Tin Tin

18. Once Upon a Time Cart

19. Power Rangers Mural (Day 2)

20. Retro Video Game Man

21. Rorschach and Doctor Strange

22. Rufio

23. Star Trek Kre-o (Hasbro Booth)

24. Darth Vader Packaging (1st official day)

25. Steam Punk Rider

26. Super Grover

27. Superman and Clark Kent

28. The Aquamans

29. The Lady Rocketeers

30. The Waldos

31. Wilfred Dogs

32. Zed from Zardoz