Resident Evil Recap Trailer (

By:Robert T. Trate
Date: Tuesday, August 07, 2012
Source: Yahoo Movies

Resident Evil: Retribution has released a handy new trailer in which Milla Jovovich's voiceover narrates a whistle stop tour of the first four movies, bringing the viewer up to speed with Alice's journey so far.
Beginning with her origins as an Umbrella employee up to the perilous situation she finds herself in in the new film, this latest trailer serves as a welcome refresher for those who haven't kept up with the four preceding films, trimming things down to the very barest of plot points.
Given that some characters appear to have been brought back from the dead for round five, there will likely still be plenty to confuse franchise newbies, but for those who can't face sitting through four films of stylized nonsense, the latest trailer does its job very nicely indeed.
Check it out below…