Baltimore Comic Con Cosplayers 2012 (

By:Robert T. Trate
Date: Monday, September 10, 2012

The Baltimore Comic Con is really shaping up to be about one thing, comics. Many of the big artists were there last weekend including the man himself, Stan Lee. Check out the all the details on the official Baltimore Comic Con site (here) and for details on next year’s event. Mania will have an interview with an up and coming artist later this week as well as some video from the con. We do love our Cosplayers here at Mania. After all, they do make the show. Check out Nova, Task Master, Skeletor, and Mr. T below! 
Captain Rex - Star Wars The Clone Wars
Dark Helmet and a Spaceball


Doctor Doom


Ch'p The Green Lantern


A Dead Pool Kid and Hit Girl


Lady Joker and Lady Gambit


Lady Loki


Lincoln and his Crew (2 Blades, Morpheus, Catwoman and The Black Panther)


A Spider-Man Crew (Mary Jane, Spidey, The Black Cat, and Ultimate Spider-Man)


Mr. T




The Red Skull


The Red Tornado




Speedy, Deathstroke, and the Green Arrow


Spider-Man and Dead Pool


Starro The Conquerer


The Taskmaster


Loki and Lady Loki

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