Supernatural: We Need to Talk About Kevin Review (

By:Tim Janson
Review Date: Friday, October 05, 2012


Season 8 of Supernatural opened the way a couple of other seasons have opened…with one of the boys making an escape from some dark realm.  In this case Dean escapes from Purgatory and appears in the Maine wilderness in an unspectacular flash of light.  “We Need to Talk about Kevin” might have been better titled “On the Road Again” as the action moves briskly from Maine, to Louisiana, to Texas, then to Montana, and on to Iowa and Michigan…all within the span of an hour.

Dean doesn’t return from Purgatory alone, however.  Dean has to go down to Louisiana to reunite the soul of the vampire who helped him escape with his long buried bones.  Dean and “Benny” seem to share a relationship and a secret, forged within the bowels of Purgatory but for now this will remain a mystery.

Sam, meanwhile is alone for the first time in his life and has given up life as a hunter and living a quiet life in Texas…until he gets the call from Dean and the boys reunite in a Montana cabin.  The tension between the brothers is think (when isn’t it lately) but while Dean is upset that Sam apparently did not even try to find him, he’s more upset that Sam ignored the phone calls from Kevin Tran, the Prophet of God who was captured by Crowley in the last episode of Season 7.  Kevin’s last voicemail indicates he’s escaped Crowley but is still in danger.

Sam and Dean track Kevin to an abandoned chapel where Kevin has found another tablet with the Word of God.  This one tells how the gates of Hell can be closed permanently, banishing all demons back to Hell.

Well, the contrived, Deus Ex Machina plot device of Dean’s escape from Purgatory aside, “We need to talk about Kevin” was a decent season opener but not a home run.  Kevin’s discovery of this very important and powerful tablet could be the lynch pin to the entire season.  Obviously a lot of people are going to want go get their hands on it.  Kevin has certainly grown from a sheepish nerd to a young man more than capable of taking care of himself, especially when he’s apparently having God teach him how to cast spells that can destroy demons.  And speaking of God…Ummm…did they ever resolve the issue from a couple of seasons back where God basically checked out and Castiel became..temporarily…the new God?  So what, are we not going to have that little plot thread addressed?  

However the episode did present some intrigue that should play out over the course of the season.  What exactly is Dean doing with “Benny” the vampire who helped him escape Purgatory?  The two seemed to be rather friendly.  As for Sam, what exactly did he do for the past year?  It certainly doesn’t seem as if Sam simply faded into a quiet life in the suburbs.  It will be interesting to see how all of this is resolved, as well as hopefully more flashbacks of Dean in Purgatory. 

Mania Grade: B
Episode: We Need to Talk About Kevin
Starring: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Mark Sheppard
Written By: Eric Kripke (creator), Jeremy Carver
Directed By: Robert Singer
Network: CW