10 Ways Disney Could Save Star Wars (Mania.com)

By:Kimberly McCall
Date: Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Source: Mania.com

George Lucas has finally sold Lucasfilm to Disney for the modest sum of $4 billion and Star Wars Episode Vll is a go. As a lifelong Star Wars fan, this is a piece of news that strikes a personal chord for me.
Honestly, Lucas made the right choice. After all, The George of today is not the George of 30+ years ago and, rather than continue to ruin his own movies, he has passed the torch to an Enterprise that (though flawed) still seems to possess a decent storyteller or two. I mean, what is a once-great creative genius supposed to do when he is obviously burnt out? 

And so, Star Wars fans must now choose to live in fear or hope. In an effort to keep the hope alive, here are “10 Ways Disney Could Save Star Wars”. 


1. Find a Director Worth His/Her Stuff


We need an original creative, here. Not a mere box office draw. We all know Star Wars makes money. That is a given. Now, it is time to bring in a more hands-on lover of the story and characters who is willing to go the extra mile, creatively, and not just sit back and let the money roll in.

2. Use Some Real Locations


I guarantee (while digital technology is amazing) there is still no substitute for a real mountain or tree. Just saying.

3. Throw a Few Other Man-made Set Pieces in There While You're at it

The Millennium Falcon was real. 



4. Cast Carefully
If I see Hayden Christensen's face on a single ghost or in a flashback, I'm going to cut off my own arm. Dig deeper to find the right character actors.


5. Don't Dumb it Down for Children


The originals didn't. Didn't we all turn out okay?

6. Get the Hell Rid of Digital Yoda


Granted, a post Return of the Jedi story might not call for the little Jedi master at all. But there was more real emotion in that original puppet than in Natalie Portman's entire performance in Revenge of the Sith (I'm sorry, she was not used at her best). 

7. Bring on the Creative Team Behind “The Clone Wars” TV Series


Whatever they are doing, they are doing it right. Get them involved in production.


8. Don't Make Us Feel Like We're Watching a Movie

This one is difficult to explain except to say that when I watch A New Hope, I feel as though I'm right there. When I watch The Phantom Menace, I feel like I'm watching a blockbuster.

9. Ask What is Best for the Characters and Not the Audience

Scary, I know. But someone once believed in Luke Skywalker enough to tell his story regardless of how it was going to be received by the masses. It worked.


10. Call Upon the Disney Magic. 

It's there, I know it is. So use it, Disney, and bring our beloved movies back to life.


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