Cusack for Cell (

By:Robert T. Trate
Date: Thursday, November 01, 2012
Source: Bleeding

Stephen King has made an official announcement that he and Adam Alleca (writer of Last House on the Left) have adapted “Cell” for the big screen. “Cell” was King’s original novel about the world thrown into chaos after a catastrophe involving cell phones. 

No director has been attached to the project yet. Cell does have its star in one John Cusack. Who previously appeared in King’s adaptations of Stand By Me and 1408

The novel “Cell” was released in 2006. Here is a quick premise on the book from


Graphic artist Clay Riddell was in the heart of Boston on that brilliant autumn afternoon when hell was unleashed before his eyes. Without warning, carnage and chaos reigned. Ordinary people fell victim to the basest, most animalistic destruction.

And the apocalypse began with the ring of a cell phone...”

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