Hamill and Fisher in Episode 7? (Mania.com)

By:Robert T. Trate
Date: Thursday, November 01, 2012
Source: Entertainment Weekly

Even though we are still taking in the news that Disney has purchased Lucasfilm, we have already begun to speculate on Star Wars Episode 7. What will this new chapter be about? Will it feature Luke, Leia, and Han? Will there be a whole new cast of characters? Will any of the Expanded Universe stories be a part of the Next Trilogy? Geek moment, I just wrote NEXT Trilogy for the first time.
Entertainment Weekly got an exclusive interview with Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, on what’s next for Star Wars. The last of the Jedi had this to say about his involvement in the next three films and his last meeting with Lucas (which was back in August): 
From EW: When you had lunch with George, did he get into any details with you about where the story would go in the next three films, or whether you would have a part in them?
“Well, no, he was just talking about writers and the fact that he wouldn’t be directing. I guess he wanted us to know before everybody else knew. He said, “Now you can’t tell anybody!” [Laughs] Even now I’m nervous about saying anything. I just don’t know!” (read the full interview here)

With a 2015 release date on Episode 7, production has to be started in some sort of capacity. If some recasting is going to be done, then who should play, a 35-45 Luke, Leia, and Han?

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