Gaiman back on Doctor Who (

By:Robert T. Trate
Date: Monday, November 05, 2012

In a recent interview, at Comic Con in London, Matt Smith spoke about Neil Gaiman returning to Doctor Who. The legendary writer penned “The Doctor’s Wife” (Season 6, episode4) which shed some light on not only the TARDIS, but exactly how the TARDIS felt about the Doctor. Gaimen’s next episode, currently untitled, will be the 13th episode of the current season. 
Here is an excerpt of the interview on 
Collider: “Exactly, I wanted to know when did you first hear Neil Gaiman was writing another one, and what can you tease people about it?
SMITH: Well I heard a long time ago that Neil was coming back to write one.  Again, and I’m not trying to be overly cryptic with you, it’s just that if I say the wrong thing—they’re all writing things down, I get ripped out the back.  But Neil is coming back and I think he’s going to do something brilliantly reinventive, shall we say.
Collider: He did really good episode last time.
SMITH: It was a fantastic episode, yeah.  What Neil does is he comes in with a brilliant initial idea, which only a man of his mind—if you take anything like American Gods, you go how? Where? I can’t kind of correlate it.  He has this wonderful ability to think outside of the box, and fantasy and science fiction, the way he thinks and writes really lends itself to that form, I think”.
Check out the full interview here on Beware it does contain SPOILERS

Doctor Who returns on December 25th with perennial Christmas Episode. It will then begin its regular season on sometime in early 2013.