Dexter: Chemistry Review (

By:Jarrett Kruse
Review Date: Monday, November 12, 2012

The past few episodes of DEXTER have been hit and miss for me as the Seventh season moves into its second half already. Again this episode felt like a stand-alone episode that shifts back and forth from major players to second-tier characters and storylines. I am concerned that Dexter thinks that Hannah McKay is different than any other woman that he has shared his life with in the past. As the viewer, we want to yell at the TV and tell the beautiful blonde horticulturalist to get out of Dodge. But the truth is that Hannah needs Dexter in her life. Dex is able to “normalize” her activities as best as he can but knows that she has her own code for killing that he has still not determined. Regardless, Dexter wants to continue this relationship is and see where it can go. I am not sure of how much Hannah had to do with more of the old Randall murders but big or small, she is moving the investigations along as she seems fit. Clearly she was a voluntary killer while with Randall but assisting the department now just seems to be something to take up her hours of the day so that she can be in Dex’s airspace. 
“The Kiev Connection” does not move forward much with the release of Ukrainian Boss Isaak Sirko from jail. Quinn is determined to be out of the grasp of the Ukrainian’s by protecting the Russian dancer he has fallen for from their mob-operated nightclub. The Ukrainians want their cut  matter what kind of deal has to be figured out. And Quinn has crossed the line too many times as a rogue cop and has even given Baptista a check for $10 grand to invest in his dream retirement bar. Whether it is on TV or in real life, when people start doing stuff like that voluntarily—they are depressed and upset or living with a whole lot of guilt. I just think that Quinn’s round-trip ticket is punched. He may end up saving his beloved dancer girl from the life but it is he himself that will not survive this last round of bravado. 
In an interesting scene, Dexter and Isaak meet up for lunch and like two Alpha’s jostling for position in the wild, Dexter finally realizes that maybe he needs to take the Ukrainian’s a great deal more serious. True-crime writer Sal Price (Santiago Cabrera) lasted just a scant two episodes and as predicted needed to be taken out sooner than later. Deb thought that maybe she and Price had the makings of a relationship but that is over before we can even think about it. His death flows over Deb much easier than hearing that kind of news did to her just a few weeks prior. Deb is slowly turning into an investigator that is looking past the red tape and truly wants justice no matter the cost. She is starting to see that there is far less than she can do within in the law than what Dexter can do on his own terms. In an eerie final scene reminiscent of THE GODFATHER and Michael taking over the day –to-day ops of the Corleone Family, Deb demands justice from Dex for the murder of Sal Price. She wants “Justice” and she wants it now. She is not “OK” with how that situation ended and now she wants restitution. Deb is now caught in between the official Police World and Dexter's World. One is filled with a parade of paperwork and by the book policing and bureaucracy while the other although seeming "fast-track " (Dexter's Way) looks to be swift and more expeditious. She does not realize that Dex's way although appearing to be swift, takes a great deal of planning and foresight and preparatory improvisation. Learning how to cover your tracks un Dex's world is of paramount importance. 

Mania Grade: C+
Episode: Chemistry (Season 7, Episode 7)
Starring: Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, Desmond Harrington
Written By: James Manos Jr. (developer), Jeff Lindsay (novel)
Directed By: Holly Dale
Network: Showtime