10 Actors We Want in Star Wars Episode VII (Mania.com)

By:Robert T. Trate
Date: Tuesday, November 20, 2012
Source: Mania.com

Whatever the story is for Star Wars Episode VII, there will be a few things we can expect. If the story is set anywhere from a few years to a few decades after the events of Episode Vl, we know  now that Luke, Leia, and Han will make an appearance. Do they have to be featured in the film as main characters? No. However, anything from a cameo to a small role would be perfectly acceptable. Yet, with this being a new story, we already have our list of new actors for the next Star Wars installment. 
Tim Roth
Tim Roth has been in big movies before. However, the difference with Mr. Roth is that he disappears in them. Roth becomes a character on a grander scale and one easily forgets that he was ever in the film. One of the best examples of this is Roth’s General Thade in Planet of the Apes. Whether it be a Jedi, alien, or just a leader of a contingent of lost Stormtroopers, Roth is the type of character actor Star Wars needs. 
Paul Giamatti
The brilliance of Paul Giamatti is his ability to make you feel something. It can be anything from disgust to heartfelt longing. Would we cast him as hero or a villain, then? The brilliance of the Star Wars universe is that it is filled with complex characters and situations. At times things aren’t always as black and white as they seem. It’s a perfect universe to play in if you are Paul Giamatti. 

Brit Marling

Whatever the story of Episode VII is, it will undoubtably feature characters facing turmoil and heartache. Brit Marling’s performance in Another Earth sets her apart from the stereotypical Kristen Stewarts of Hollywood. If there is a character struggling with temptations from the dark side, Brit Marling might be the perfect choice. 


Helen Mirren 

To play the new chancellor of the republic would be too easy. For Helen Mirren, we would offer anything from Jedi council member to vengeful Imperial Commander. There is simply nothing she cannot play. Even if the part is incredibly small, Mirren would bring a weight and gravitas to the role like no other actress could. 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt 

He might be Hollywood’s next Tom Hanks, but, outside of The Dark Knight Rises, Gordon-Levitt has no trilogy or series of films under his belt. If the next franchise is a connecting set of stories, then, by all means, get Gordon-Levitt in the cast. 

Tom Wilkinson

There will undoubtably be gangsters and or shady politicians in the new Star Wars movie. Who better to be either one than Tom Wilkinson? However, if Episode VII is set decades from where we left off, I would prefer to see Wilkinson as an old Jedi. A tough-as-nails sort who is far removed from the ways of Obi-Wan and Yoda.  
Marion Cotillard

She has proven that she is up to both genre pics and other sci-fi adventures. Cotillard also has that other-worldly charm and believability needed for Star Wars. She can be both caring and hard. If anyone is the perfect successor to Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia arch-type, it is Cotillard. 

Kelly MacDonald

If there a journey for a character to take, over three films, who better than Kelly MacDonald? We’ve see her in everything from Trainspotting to Brave. She can play both the naive youth and the hardened survivor. If we have to watch a character, again, grow up in front of us, our first vote is for MacDonald.  
Paul Bettany 


Bettany cannot carry a movie on his own. However, in a supporting role, Bettany comes on like gang busters. Perhaps his true talent lies in doing a lot with a little. In no way should his name be first in the credits. The Star Wars universe is vast and populated with numerous side characters that have lasting impressions. Give Bettany a chance and we might have just found our next Lando, Boba Fett, or Kai-Adi Mundi.
Alfred Molina


There is a universe of both scum and villainy out there. Molina is chameleon who always gives us a two sided bad guy; a character who truly believes that his means to an end is the right one. I won’t condemn him to yet another villainous role, but one that is still shady as all hell would be preferable.