Comicscape: Image Comics Sci-Fi Quartet (

By:Joel Rickenbach
Date: Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It has been a very good year for Sci-Fi comics. There have been more new and original science fiction themed books on the shelves than any year I can remember. From the brave new world of ideas that is Brian K Vaughan’s Saga, to the desolate tech landscape of Planetoid, and our scary possible ecological future of The Massive, there have been books to match any disciple of Isaac Asimov or Philip K Dick’s tastes. Many publishers have provided the bounty, but one in particular has really stepped up its game- Image Comics. Besides being responsible for two of the three books mentioned above, Image has launched four new Sci-Fi books in November alone- Comeback, Clone, Great Pacific and Nowhere Men. It was actually Nowhere Men, which hits shelves today, that spurred me to write this article. I’ve been tracking its gestation, and its concept really got me hooked- What if scientists were as big as The Beatles? What if “Science is the new Rock and Roll” as the book’s tag line suggests? Four celebrity scientists, whose work has ushered in a new age of enlightenment, decide to join forces and create a company known as World Corp. Unfortunately, working together may have not been the best idea, and something goes horribly wrong. That’s as much as I know, but that little taste coupled with the key art and preview pages, has me primed to pick up the first issue on my trip to the shop on Wednesday. The other thing looking into Nowhere Men did was draw my attention to some of the other books Image has on their slate this month, and after checking them out I can absolutely recommend all of them. Sci-Fi fans, or fans of good comics in general, buckle up- there’s some trips worth taking.


Comeback #1 by Ed Brisson, Michael Walsh and Jordie Bellaire- Late one evening, two men knock on the door of a suburban home. They claim to be from a utility company, but the resident, Mr. Fields, isn’t so sure. It’s a bit late for a service call, so he tells the gentleman at his door that he is going to call the utility company to confirm. The jig is up, and the two men force their way in, knocking Mr. Fields unconscious. They tie him up, toss him in an unmarked van, and leave for parts unknown. When Mr. Fields comes to, he obviously wants answers. The driver tells him they are actually doing him a favor, in fact- his family hired them to do this. Much like the utility company story- Mr. Fields remains skeptical. They arrive at a nondescript warehouse, and enter some sort of vault. Inside is a glowing hourglass shaped device. Mr. Fields captor takes off his restraints, and advises him to shield his eyes. There’s a brilliant flash of white light, but other than that nothing seems changed. The captor informs him that they just traveled 62 days into the future. Mr. Fields is probably still skeptical, but it’s too late. His body begins to expand, bubbling over like a boiling pot, until he explodes. His captor, covered in blood and gory bits, sums things up- “shit.”

Comeback is the story of an illegal time travel company called Reconnect. The company has agents that will travel back in time to reverse tragedy, bringing loved ones who have met untimely ends safely into the future. Of course, it isn’t cheap, and it comes with a long list of things that can potentially go wrong. What’s great about this book is how it puts you right into the action. So many times heady concepts like these get bogged down with their own explanation, but Comeback gives us what we need to know by actually doing it. It shows us these ideas, sometimes a bit out of context, and keeps moving forward. All the while the book keeps throwing interesting ideas at you- recreating accidents, body swapping, going even further into the past to correct mistakes, like the one that happened to Mr. Fields (turns out he had a tumor he failed to mention when hiring Reconnect in the future). All of these ideas keep the reader hooked and curious, I know I sure am, and something tells me you will be too.


Clone by David Schulner, Juan Jose Ryp and Felix Serrano- Through the dark streets of a neighborhood a man is being chased. His pursuer catches up to him, but the man is able to break free. He takes off into the night only to turn a corner, and right into the barrel of a gun. The pursuer declares “Its over, my brother” and fires a bullet into his chest. Dr. Luke Taylor wakes up from his dream, safe, with his pregnant wife asleep by his side, and no bullet in his belly. He’s had enough of sleep for one night, and spends the rest of the dark hours assembling a crib for his future child. The next morning he’s going through his usual routine when he’s greeted by a trail of blood leading from his front door to his kitchen. Bleeding out on the tile floor is someone who looks exactly like him, in fact, it’s who he was in his dream, gut shot and all. This clone informs him there’s very little time, as another one of them is on his way to finish the job.


Clone, much like Comeback, starts out at a fast pace, and it’s not long until the hook digs in. Clones are a very well traveled subject in the comic book world, but this book manages to keep interest at a high level, as the story moves along at a fast clip. Writer David Schulner talks a lot about identity, and his perception of it, in his letter to the reader in the back of the book. I think there’s a lot of opportunity to explore that concept here, I just hope he continues to let it be bore out through action and suspense. Credit also needs to be given to Juan Jose Ryp’s wonderfully detailed art. He has a style that fits this story perfectly, and if you need any convincing- just check out the hyper-detailed wraparound cover.

Great Pacific by Joe Harris and Martin Morazzo- Chas Worthington is a rich kid, an uber rich kid. He’s the heir to a vast corporate empire that provides him any luxury he desires. If he wants to go hunting with a tribe in Kenya, he will. His social calendar is littered with women that have names like “Giselle”, and his exploits with them are tabloid gold. When an important vote is being held by the board of directors, he doesn’t bother showing up. Hell, he doesn’t even vote by proxy. He spends his day hitting golf balls off the deck of an oil rig. It must be tough. Actually, it is, because Chas actually has a purpose, he’s just not taken seriously… yet. All of the aforementioned events that seem like a bored rich kid’s ritual are actually calculated moves, even the golf balls he left floating in the pacific. Chas has something up his sleeve, something big, and involves something called the Pacific Gyre.

Great Pacific immediately has a strong environmentalist message, the opening page details how much plastic waste humanity creates, and how all of it is collecting in the ocean to form a gigantic floating island of garbage that will outlast our generation by a long shot. That may all sound preachy, but trust me, it’s not. Instead it’s a fascinating starting point for a comic book. Chas is Bruce Wayne, but instead of fighting crime, he plans to help the world. By the end of the first issue he has faked his own death, embezzled millions from his mega corporation, and finds himself adrift on the island of plastic known as the Pacific Gyre. It may not be as immediately Sci-Fi as the other two books, but it’s certainly forward thinking, and trades on big, future ideas. Great Pacific is a nice breath of fresh air, even if it does center around pollution. I can’t think of anything else out there like it, and that alone warrants a pick up.

I hope I’ve given you a few leads to follow on your next trip to the comic store, or when browsing Comixology from the comfort of your couch. If you pick any of them up please let us know what you think, and if anyone grabs a copy of Nowhere Men this week, lets talk in the comments below. Keep Comic Book-ing, my friends.

Ice Volume 1 TP, $14.99
Star Wars Art Illustration HC (not verified by Diamond), $40.00
Double Jumpers #3, $3.99
Remake 3xtra Volume 3 GN, $9.95
Secret Adventures Of Houdini GN, $6.99
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Volume 7 The Third Wheel HC, $13.95
Complete Calvin And Hobbes SC (Slipcase Edition), $100.00
Get Fuzzy Treasury The Stinking TP
, $16.99
Adventures Of A Comic Con Girl #3 (Of 3), $3.99
Gold Digger #144
, $3.99
Hero Of Alexandria #1, $3.99
Star Trek FAQ Everything Left To Know About The First Voyages Of The Enterprise SC, $19.99
Sonic The Hedgehog Archives Volume 19 TP, $7.99
Doctor Who The Pirate Planet Audio CD, $24.95
Crossed Badlands #11 (Gianluca Paligrini Campfire Cover), $5.99
Crossed Badlands #15 (Raulo Caceres Auxiliary Cover), $3.99
Crossed Badlands #16 (Raulo Caceres Auxiliary Cover), $3.99
Crossed Badlands #18 (Gianluca Pagliarani Red Crossed Retailer Incentive Cover), AR
Crossed Badlands #18 (Gianluca Pagliarani Regular Cover), $3.99
Crossed Badlands #18 (Gianluca Pagliarani Wraparound Cover), $3.99
Crossed Badlands #18 (Raulo Caceres Torture Cover), $3.99
Dicks #10 (John McCrea Classic Black & White Cover), AR
Dicks #10 (John McCrea Offensive Cover), $3.99
Dicks #10 (John McCrea Regular Cover), $3.99
Hero Worship #5 (Of 6)(Michael Dipascale Heroic Retailer Incentive Cover), AR
Hero Worship #5 (Of 6)(Michael Dipascale Regular Cover), $3.99
Hero Worship #5 (Of 6)(Michael Dipascale Wraparound Cover), $3.99
Night Of The Living Dead Aftermath #2 (Raulo Caceres Gore Cover), $3.99
Night Of The Living Dead Aftermath #2 (Raulo Caceres Regular Cover), $3.99
Night Of The Living Dead Aftermath #2 (Raulo Caceres Terror Retailer Incentive Cover), AR
Night Of The Living Dead Aftermath #2 (Raulo Caceres Wraparound Cover)
, $3.99
Doctor Who The Nu-Humans And The Empty House Audio CD, $19.95
Torchwood The Exodus Code Audio CD
, $29.95
Bart Simpson Comics #77, $2.99
Futurama Comics #64
, $2.99
Adventure Time #10 (Cover A Chris Houghton), $3.99
Adventure Time #10 (Cover B Tyson Hesse), $3.99
Adventure Time #10 (Cover C Victoria Maderna), AR
Adventure Time #10 (Cover D Nick Edwards), AR
Clive Barker's Hellraiser The Road Below #2 (Of 4)(Cover A Tim Bradstreet), $3.99
Clive Barker's Hellraiser The Road Below #2 (Of 4)(Cover B Nick Percival), $3.99
Clive Barker's Hellraiser The Road Below #2 (Of 4)(Cover C Nick Percival), AR
Clive Barker's Hellraiser The Road Below #2 (Of 4)(Cover D Tim Bradstreet), AR
Grace Randolph's Supurbia Volume 1 TP, $3.99
Peanuts Volume 2 #4 (Of 4)(Cover A Charles M. Schulz)
, $3.99
Peanuts Volume 2 #4 (Of 4)(Cover B Charles M. Schulz), AR
Lady Death #20 (Michael Dipascale Auxiliary Cover), $3.99
Lady Death #21 (Juan Jose Ryp Jurassic Cover), $9.99
Lady Death #22 (Michael Dipascale Holiday VIP Ultra Premium Cover), $29.99
War Goddess #11 (Jason Eden Regular Cover), $3.99
War Goddess #11 (Michael Dipascale Art Nouveau Retailer Incentive Cover), AR
War Goddess #11 (Michael Dipascale Wraparound Cover), $3.99
War Goddess #11 (Renato Caceres Sultry Cover)
, $3.99
Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose #77, $2.95
Cats Are Weird And More Observations HC (New Printing), $14.95
Comic Shop News #1328, AR
Comic Shop News Christmas 2012 Special
, AR
CrossStar #5, $3.99
Lookouts Riddle Voume 1 #3, $3.99
Angel And Faith #16 (Rebekah Isaacs Variant Cover), AR
Angel And Faith #16 (Steve Morris Regular Cover), $2.99
B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth #101 (The Return Of The Master Part 4 Of 5)(Mike Mignola Variant Cover), AR
B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth #101 (The Return Of The Master Part 4 Of 5)(Ryan Sook Regular Cover), $3.50
Forbidden Worlds Archives Volume 1 HC, $49.99
Ghost #2 (Alex Ross Variant Cover), AR
Ghost #2 (Phil Noto Regular Cover), $2.99
Jeremiah Omnibus Volume 2 HC, $24.99
Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Volume 13 TP, $12.99
R.I.P.D. City Of The Damned #1 (Of 4), $3.50
Silver Streak Archives Featuring The Original Daredevil Volume 2 HC, $59.99
Star Wars Dawn Of The Jedi The Prisoner Of Bogan #1 (Of 5)
, $2.99
All-Star Western #14, $3.99
American Vampire #33, $2.99
Aquaman #14 (Ivan Reis & Joe Prado Regular Cover), $2.99
Aquaman #14 (Ivan Reis Black & White Variant Cover), AR
Arrow #1 (Mike Grell Variant Cover), AR
Arrow #1 (Photo Regular Cover), $3.99
Batman Beyond Unlimited #10, $3.99
Batman Incorporated #5 (Chris Burnham Black & White Variant Cover)(resolicited), AR
Batman Incorporated #5 (Chris Burnham Regular Cover)(resolicited), $2.99
Batman Incorporated #5 (Combo Pack Edition)(resolicited), $3.99
Batman Incorporated #5 (Frazer Irving Variant Cover)(resolicited), AR
Batman The Dark Knight #14 (David Finch Black & White Variant Cover), AR
Batman The Dark Knight #14 (David Finch Regular Cover), $2.99
Before Watchmen Dr. Manhattan Statue, $149.95
Before Watchmen Ozymandias #4 (Of 6)(Combo Pack Edition), $4.99
Before Watchmen Ozymandias #4 (Of 6)(Jae Lee Regular Cover), $3.99
Before Watchmen Ozymandias #4 (Of 6)(Michael Wm. Kaluta Variant Cover), AR
Before Watchmen Silk Spectre #4 (Of 4)(Amanda Conner Regular Cover), $3.99
Before Watchmen Silk Spectre #4 (Of 4)(Bruce Timm Variant Cover), AR
Before Watchmen Silk Spectre #4 (Of 4)(Combo Pack Edition), $4.99
Captain Atom Volume 1 Evolution TP, $14.99
Dark Knight Rises Batman Vs Bane 1:6 Scale Icon Statue, $324.95
DC Comics Super-Heroes Blue Beetle Bust, $69.95
DC Universe Presents Volume 1 Deadman Challengers Of The Unknown TP, $16.99
Flash #14 (Francis Manapul Black & White Variant Cover), AR
Flash #14 (Francis Manapul Regular Cover), $2.99
Flight Of Angels TP, $17.99
Fury Of Firestorm The Nuclear Men #14, $2.99
I Vampire #14, $2.99
Joe Kubert Presents #2 (Of 6), $4.99
Justice League Dark #14, $2.99
Lot 13 #2 (Of 5), $2.99
Phantom Lady #4 (Of 4), $2.99
Red Hood And The Outlaws #13 (Kenneth Rocafort 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $2.99
Red Lanterns #14 (Miguel Sepulveda Black & White Variant Cover), AR
Red Lanterns #14 (Miguel Sepulveda Regular Cover), $2.99
Savage Hawkman #14, $2.99
Superman #14 (Kenneth Rocafort Black & White Variant Cover), AR
Superman #14 (Kenneth Rocafort Regular Cover), $2.99
Superman Family Adventures #7, $2.99
Talon #2 (Guillem March Black & White Variant Cover), AR
Talon #2 (Guillem March Regular Cover), $2.99
Talon #2 (Ken Lashley Variant Cover), AR
Teen Titans #14 (Brett Booth & Mark Irwin Black & White Variant Cover), AR
Teen Titans #14 (Brett Booth & Mark Irwin Regular Cover), $2.99
We Can Be Heroes Justice League Action Figure 7-Pack Box Set, $99.95
Wonder Woman Chronicles Volume 3 TP
, $14.99
Diamond Bookshelf #12, AR
Game Trade Magazine #154, $3.99
Previews #291 (December 2012), $4.50
Color Ink DIY Art Periodical Volume 16, $10.00
Mr Toast Comics #3
, $3.00
Boys Volume 12 The Bloody Doors Off TP, $19.99
Green Hornet #31 (Phil Hester Regular Cover), $3.99
Green Hornet #31 (Stephen Sadowski Regular Cover), $3.99
Marcus Nispel's Chosen #2 (Of 3)(Edison George Regular Cover), $3.99
Masks #1 (Of 8)(Alex Ross Hand-Drawn Variant Covers), AR
Masks #1 (Of 8)(Alex Ross Regular Cover), $3.99
Masks #1 (Of 8)(Alex Ross Sketch Variant Cover), AR
Masks #1 (Of 8)(Alex Ross Virgin Variant Cover), AR
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Masks #1 (Of 8)(Ardian Syaf Regular Cover), $3.99
Masks #1 (Of 8)(Francesco Francavilla Regular Cover), $3.99
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Masks #1 (Of 8)(Retailer Exclusive Variant Covers), AR
Masks #1 (Of 8)(Sean Phillips Variant Cover), AR
Prophecy #5 (Of 7)(Paul Renaud Black & White Variant Cover), AR
Prophecy #5 (Of 7)(Paul Renaud Regular Cover), $3.99
Thun'da #4 (Of 5)(Jae Lee Regular Cover), $3.99
Warlord Of Mars #22 (Joe Jusko Regular Cover), $3.99
Warlord Of Mars #22 (Lucio Parrillo Regular Cover)
, $3.99
Warlord Of Mars #22 (Lucio Parrillo Virgin Variant Cover), AR
Warlord Of Mars #22 (Risque Variant Cover), AR
DC Superhero Chess Figurine Collection Magazine #20 (Red Robin White Knight), $16.00
DC Superhero Chess Figurine Collection Magazine #21 (Huntress White Rook)
, $16.00
Mark Texeira Powerhouse SC (Signed & Numbered Edition), $16.99
Mark Texeira Powerhouse SC (Sketch Edition), $49.99
Santa Confidential HC, $17.95
Santa Confidential HC (Signed & Numbered Edition)
, $29.99
Comic Heroes Magazine #15, $17.99
SFX #228 (December 2012)(not verified by Diamond)
, $10.99
Eyes Of Blood The Hammer Films Dracula Cycle GN, $16.95
Drama GN (not verified by Diamond), $10.99
Drama HC (not verified by Diamond)
, $23.99
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Cobra #19 (Cover A Antonio Fuso), $3.99
Cobra #19 (Cover RI Antonio Fuso), $3.99
Crow #5 (Of 5)(Cover A Kyle Hotz), $3.99
Crow #5 (Of 5)(Cover RI James O'Barr), AR
Doctor Who #1 (Mark Buckingham 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Ghostbusters #15 (Cover A Dan Schoening), $3.99
Ghostbusters #15 (Cover RI Tristan Jones), AR
Godzilla #7 (Cover A E.J. Su), $3.99
Godzilla #7 (Cover RI Matt Frank), AR
Godzilla Half Century War #2 (Of 5)(James Stokoe 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Infestation 2 The Complete Series HC, $39.99
Locke And Key Grindhouse (One Shot)(Gabriel Rodriguez 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Magic The Gathering Volume 2 The Spell Thief TP, $17.99
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #1 (Cover A Andy Price), $3.99
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #1 (Cover B Andy Price), $3.99
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #16 (Cover A Andy Kuhn), $3.99
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Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Annual 2012 (Guido Guidi 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $7.99
Transformers Prime Rage Of The Dinobots #1 (Of 4)(Cover A Ken Christiansen), $3.99
Transformers Prime Rage Of The Dinobots #1 (Of 4)(Cover RI-A Casey Collier), AR
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Transformers Robots In Disguise Annual 2012 (Guido Guidi 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $7.99
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True Blood #7 (Cover A Jenny Frison), $3.99
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Zombies Vs Robots Women On War SC
, $19.99
68 Scars #3 (Of 4)(Cover A Nat Jones & Jay Fotos), $3.99
68 Scars #3 (Of 4)(Cover B Nat Jones & Jay Fotos), $3.99
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Bedlam #1 (2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.50
Bedlam #2, $3.50
Chew #30, $2.99
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MacGyver Fugitive Gauntlet #1 (Of 5)(2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.50
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Morning Glories #23 (Cover A Rodin Esquejo), $2.99
Multiple Warheads From Alphabet To Infinity #2 (Of 4), $2.99
Nowhere Men #1, $2.99
Planetoid #4, $2.99
Prophet #31, $3.99
Star Bright And The Looking Glass HC, $19.99
Witch Doctor Mal Practice #1 (Of 6)(Cover A Lukas Ketner), $2.99
Witch Doctor Mal Practice #1 (Of 6)(Cover B Juan Jose Ryp)
, $2.99
Dante's Inferno GN, $18.99
Deltora Quest Volume 9 GN, $10.99
Fairy Tail Volume 22 GN, $10.99
Sailor Moon Box Set #1 (Volumes 1-6)
, AR
Comics Buyers Guide #1697 (January 2012)(not verified by Diamond), $5.99
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History Of Nintendo Volume 2 1980-1991 SC, $40.00
Locus #622, $6.95
A+X #2 (Ed McGuinness Sketch Variant Cover), AR
A+X #2 (Ed McGuinness Variant Cover), AR
A+X #2 (Kaare Andrews Regular Cover), $3.99
A+X #2 (Mike Del Mundo Variant Cover), AR
All-New X-Men #2 (Pasqual Ferry Variant Cover), AR
All-New X-Men #2 (Stuart Immonen Regular Cover), $3.99
Astonishing X-Men Annual #1, $4.99
Avengers #1 Party Lithograph (Promotional Item), AR
Captain America And Black Widow #639, $2.99
Captain America And Bucky Old Wounds TP, $16.99
Captain America And Iron Man TP, $14.99
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FF #1 (Blank Variant Cover), AR
FF #1 (Mark Bagley F4/FF Connecting Variant Cover), AR
FF #1 (Mike Allred Regular Cover), $2.99
FF #1 (Skottie Young Baby Variant Cover), AR
FF By Jonathan Hickman Volume 4 HC (Premiere Edition), $24.99
Gambit #6, $2.99
Hawkeye #1 (David Aja 3rd Printing Variant Cover), $2.99
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Marvel Masterworks Golden Age Sub-Mariner Volume 1 TP, $29.99
Marvel Masterworks Golden Age Sub-Mariner Volume 1 TP (Direct Market Variant Edition Volume 47), $29.99
Marvel Previews #112 (December 2012 For Products On-Sale February 2013), $1.25
Marvel Super Heroes #5 (Disney Publishing Worldwide), $4.99
Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man #8, $2.99
Mighty Thor By Matt Fraction Volume 2 TP, $19.99
New Avengers #34 (David Yardin Final Issue Variant Cover)(Final Issue), AR
New Avengers #34 (Mike Deodata Regular Cover)(Final Issue), $4.99
Secret Avengers #34, $3.99
Spider-Man The Mutant Agenda TP, $15.99
Thor God Of Thunder #2 (Blank Variant Cover), AR
Thor God Of Thunder #2 (Danial Acuna Variant Cover), AR
Thor God Of Thunder #2 (Esad Ribic Regular Cover), $3.99
Thor God Of Thunder #2 (Skottie Young Baby Variant Cover), AR
Ultimate Comics Iron Man #2 (Of 4), $3.99
Ultimate Comics X-Men #19, $3.99
Uncanny Avengers #2 (John Cassaday Regular Cover), $3.99
Uncanny Avengers #2 (John Cassaday Sketch Variant Cover), AR
Uncanny Avengers #2 (Milo Manara Variant Cover), AR
Uncanny X-Men By Kieron Gillen Volume 4 HC (Premiere Edition), $24.99
Untold Tales Of The Punisher MAX TP, $16.99
Venom #27.1, $2.99
Winter Soldier Volume 2 Broken Arrow TP, $15.99
Wolverine MAX #2, $3.99
X-23 Volume 3 Don't Look Back TP, $15.99
X-Factor Volume 17 The Road To Redemption TP, $16.99
X-Men Legacy #2 (Mike Del Mundo Regular Cover), $2.99
X-Men Legacy #2 (Paul Davidson Variant Cover), AR
X-Treme X-Men #7
, $2.99
Caroline Munro First Lady Of Fantasy GN, $45.00
Mark Twain Was Right 2001 Cincinnati Riots GN, $8.95
Dockwood HC, $19.95
Non-Sport Update Volume 23 #6 (December 2012/January 2013), $5.99
Sixth Gun Volume 4 TP, $19.99
Wasteland #41
, $3.99
Power Rangers Super Samurai Volume 2 Terrible Toys HC, $10.99
Power Rangers Super Samurai Volume 2 Terrible Toys SC
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2000 AD #1807, $5.25
Rogue Trooper Tales Of Nu Earth Volume 3 GN
, $28.99
Breathless Homicidal Slime Mutants The Art Of The Paperback SC (Sale Edition), $7.98
Bunny Yeager's Darkroom Pin-Up Photography's Golden Era HC, $60.00
Constructing Green Lantern From Page To Screen HC (Sale Edition), $12.98
Star Wars The Ultimate Action Figure Collection SC
, $40.00
Monsters Inc Kit SC, $9.95
Mortifera #1 (resolicited), $2.99
Tad Caldwell And The Monster Kid GN, $14.99
Comic Strip Companion The Unofficial And Unauthorized Guide To Doctor Who In Comics 1964-1979 TP, $32.99
Stuff Of Legend Toy Collector #2 (Of 5), $3.99
Century 21 Menace From Space GN (resolicited), $29.95
Charley's War Volume 9 Death From Above HC, $19.95
Dark Shadows The Visual Companion HC, $39.95
Tarzan A Century Of Lord Greystoke The Official Centennial Edition HC
, $39.95
Walking Dead The Official Magazine #1 (NYCC Exclusive Cover), $9.99
Gothic And Lolita Bible #44, $35.00
Owly And Wormy Bright Lights And Starry Nights HC, $15.99
Write Or Wrong A Writer's Guide To Creating Comics SC, $16.99
Matt Baker The Art Of Glamour HC (resolicited), $39.95
Modern Masters Volume 7 John Byrne SC (New Printing)
, $15.95
Spectrum Volume 19 HC, $45.00
Spectrum Volume 19 TP
, $35.00
Science Fiction Universe And Beyond The Syfy Channel Book Of Sci-Fi HC, $40.00
GTO 14 Days In Shonan Volume 6 GN, $10.95
Limit Volume 2 GN, $10.95
Queen's Blade Visual Collection HC
, $39.95
Der Mond The Art Of Neon Genesis Evangelion SC (New Printing), $29.99
Fairest One Of All The Making Of Disney's Snow White HC, $75.00
Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs The Art And Creation Of The Animated Film HC
, $35.00
Adult Movie Superstars Volume 2 The Eurozone Photos SC, $24.95
Is This A Zombie Volume 3 GN, $11.99
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Robyn Hood #3 (Of 5)(Cover A Stjepan Sejic), $2.99
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Robyn Hood #3 (Of 5)(Cover B Guiseppe Cafaro), $2.99
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Sleepy Hollow #2 (Cover A Marat Mychaels), $2.99
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Sleepy Hollow #2 (Cover B Ale Garza), $2.99