Comicscape: Masks (

By:Joel Rickenbach
Date: Wednesday, December 05, 2012

We've talked a lot in this column about the big superhero teams and their myriad of exploits. When their adventures get long in the tooth there's always a reboot or a refresh just around the corner to restore the team's minty freshness. That's not a knock, sometimes a group of heavy hitters needs a reshuffle. Marvel is enjoying a good bit of success by mixing mutants with their Superheroes, and is launching the gigantic Avengers #1 as you read this. Those aforementioned heavy hitters dazzled the public in the year's biggest film, now it's time to see what the comics can do.  The most important ingredient necessary for these giant team books is assembling a cast of characters legendary in their own right. We don't need origins or lengthily histories, we want to see these heroes interact. What does the god of thunder say to the symbol of America? How does an Amazon princess get along with a masked vigilante, or a hyper powered alien for that matter? And when they work together just how powerful will they be?  When done right it's a fun ride to take, and publisher Dynamite Entertainment thinks it may have something to say about it. They may truly have a team for the ages. 

Dynamite has been in business since 2005, and have slowly but surely found their legs as a publisher worth your attention. They pretty much deal in licensed characters and properties, but instead of the usual cash-in books, Dynamite genuinely seems to care about the characters they have sworn to protect. This is a good thing, as they've gone from genre fare such as Army of Darkness and Robocop to the legends of the pulp era like The Shadow and The Green Hornet. One of their most trusted allies has been creator Alex Ross. Ross' incredible painted cover artwork has given the pulp heroes a warm welcome back into the comics fold, and treated them with the importance they deserve. So, here Dynamite sits in 2012 with a roster full of legends, what in the name of Black Beauty is a publisher to do?
We spoke of the god of thunder and the Amazon princess, but let me throw a few names at you- Zorro, The Green Hornet, Kato, The Shadow, The Spider... names that evoke the soothing tones of radio and the intoxicating smell of pulp  magazines. That's the power Dynamite wields over you and me, they've got the legends that date back to the very soul of our medium, and it would be a crime if they didn't let these personalities mingle. Luckily, Dynamite had no intention of such transgressions, besides, the weed of crime bears  bitter fruit anyway. So, to make good on their holdings, we get Masks, a book that brings these pulp and radio heroes together to fight a foe they can only conquer together. A team such as this can't be handed to just anybody, A-list heroes demand A-list talent, and Dynamite apparently agrees. Masks is written by Chris Roberson and painted by Alex Ross, who create story and art that fit these characters and their world to a tee.
I've always been a big advocate of making sure your story and dialogue, regardless of era or intention, has a knowing edge. Even if you are writing a story that takes place then, you are creating the story now. It's a tricky balance, and one I believe helps keep writing away from past mistakes and from falling into parody. It's hard for me to embrace a book that unabashedly takes the tone and language of days gone by, sometimes it feels more like a child playing with their action figures locked in fantasy battles than good writing. Thankfully Chris Roberson walks that tightrope without landing in the net. Masks reads like a pulp yarn, but it's done with a level of understanding that keeps everything elevated. Roberson also did his homework- the plot for this 8 issue Masks series comes from the 1938 pulp trilogy "The Spider vs The Empire State" by pulp legend Norvell Page. It's that kind of detail that lets us know this book is in the right hands. And then there's Alex Ross, the man who single handedly elevated the comic book medium with his paintings full of iconography and realism. He has brought just about every major character in the world of comics to life with his art, and now he's bringing these legends of pulp fiction back to stunning life in the pages of Masks. To get a full length comic with painted interiors by Ross is enough to make this book an instant purchase. You will swear you are looking at production stills from old Hollywood films, complete with matinee idols and art deco style. When I finished reading the issue I went back through it and just stared at each panel. Britt Reid and Kent Allard were alive and in my hands. 


Justice. Get used to the word if you plan on reading this book, because it is the driving force behind our team of crime fighters, and it's said often. You may have noticed I haven't told you what the book is about yet, and the reason is this book is an experience, a walk back in time, and one you are either giddy to take or not. It's not perfect by any means, but I believe the eight issue journey will absolutely be worth taking. Just relax, switch on your radio, and let Orson Wells' voice take you to a world where the Justice party has won a critical election, and are taking over the New York State government. They have created a force of armor-clad "Black Police" who are enforcing the party's new corrupt laws that are crippling the citizens with unjust taxes, and arresting innocent  people for crimes that didn't exist yesterday. The public are crying out for anyone to bring justice back to their city, lucky for them the likes of The Green Hornet and The Shadow are listening, and if we're lucky we'll see The Black Bat and Miss Fury before this is all over. There are so many big, "must read" books out there, but I recommend you spend  time with some of our original heroes, ones that ask "What evil lurks in the hearts of men", and have the courage to find out.



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