Mazzara leaving The Walking Dead (

By:Robert T. Trate
Date: Friday, December 21, 2012
Source: The Wrap

First Frank Darabont left The Walking Dead. Now Glen Mazzara is leaving The Walking Dead. The Wrap is reporting that showrunner Glen Mazzara will finish out the third season of The Walking Dead and then move on to other projects. 

AMC is reporting that this is a mutual decision between them and Mazzara. 

The Wrap, who has a source close to the situation, is also reporting that it is "100 percent not about money or contracts. Rather, it is about a difference of opinion over where the show should go in the fourth season and beyond. It involves AMC, Mazzara and the show's writers and producers, who include Robert Kirkman, creator of the comics that provide the basis of the series”. Read the full news story here

So who will take over the fourth season? Will it be comic creator and series producer Robert Kirkman? Or better yet, will it be make effects artist and producer Greg Nicotero?