Clone Wars: Eminence Review (

By:Robert T. Trate
Review Date: Monday, January 21, 2013

After what seems like an eternity, Star Wars: The Clone Wars has returned to where we initially started this season. Maul (Sam Witwer) and Savage Opress (Clancy Brown) are drifting in space after their narrow escape from the Jedi. They are found by none other than Pre Vizsla (Jon Favreau) and Deathwatch. 

Before I get into this episode, I have to mention a few things. The first is the tease of where this season was going. All the press releases and trailers featured unparalleled footage of Mandalorians and Sith battling Jedi and Bounty Hunters. After “Revival” I, like many of you, was at a lost for what followed. Where were Maul and Savage? Why was I watching stories on a small Rebellion, Younglings, and a Droid Commando mission? Where was the mouth watering stuff you promised us, Lucasfilm? Well, shame on me. When the first episode of the fifth season premiered, it was only September 28th. It would be a full month until we knew that more Star Wars movies were on the way. There wasn’t any need for any more movies because what was coming and what had already transpired (on the series) was more than enough. The story arch that took place on Onderon was incredible. The Younglings’ story was a tad more kid friendly than the season premiere and fitting for the new time slot. Finally, I don’t care what you say, the Droid mission might have started out as a bit of stretch, but was packed with everything Star Wars has always been about. We might have had our veggies for the majority of season 5, but our dessert has just arrived.   

Having been a long time Star Wars fan and toy collector, “Eminence” was the very best of Star Wars daydreams. What I would liken the episode to was something many of us older fans did when we were children. We always had plenty of heroes in the toy box, yet never really enough members of the Empire. Sure, we all had a Stormtrooper, but one or two was never enough to mount a sizable force. Instead, we took all of favorites and made them team up and take on Rebellion. “Eminence” may have been long in coming, but the wait was worth it. 

Maul and Pre Vizsla form an alliance over a cup of tea (seriously) and agree their mutual enemy is Kenobi and the Jedi. Pre Vizsla informs Maul of his plans to take back Mandalore from the pacifists. Maul convinces him that his plan to overthrow the Jedi and establish a new crime syndicate will benefit Pre Vizsla’s coup. However, we know that Maul has more in mind than helping Pre Vizsla establish a new order on Mandalore. 

Maul and Pre Vizsla know that Deathwatch is not an army. They are a sizable force, but not strong enough to take on the Jedi. Their first step is to convince the Black Sun to join in their cause. In what may have been the most brutal moment in Star Wars history (not shown), Savage Opress convinces the Black Sun to join their cause. 

The entire episode flies by way too quickly and only stops for the action. We visit numerous worlds including the Hutt home world of Nal Hutta and, of course, Tatooine. Their ranks swell as does Pre Vizsla aggravation with the situation. He knows that Maul will betray him, it is only a matter of time. His means to an end is clearly a deal with the devil. 

This is only the first part of this new story arch for The Clone Wars. It had incredible action sequences and featured numerous Bounty Hunters that we have come to love and admire from the series. The skirmish on Nal Hutta was not only action packed, but full of character for Bounty Hunters we have only seen in short throughout the series. 

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Opening Tag Line: “One Vision Can Have Many Interpretations"


Classic Star Wars Moment: The whole episode is classic Star Wars


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Mania Grade: A+
Episode: Eminence (Season 5, Episode 14)
Starring (voices): Clancy Brown, Jon Favreau, Katee Sackhoff, Tom Kane, Sam Witwer, Dave Filoni
Written By: Chris Collins, George Lucas (creator)
Directed By: Kyle Dunlevy
Network: Cartoon Network