Guardians of the Galaxy Casting Update (

By:Robert T. Trate
Date: Wednesday, January 23, 2013

With the Guardians of the Galaxy being the next big Hollywood ensemble cast, everyone is auditioning for roles. Director James Gunn has his pick of leads right now to launch the next big Marvel franchise. Yet, there has been news that at least two big Hollywood actors are now auditioning for the film. and Latino Review (see story) are reporting that Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler are now in the fray for parts. 


As we come back from that long pause we have to take into consideration that at least two of the Guardians will be CGI or enhanced with special effects. They of course will be Rocket Raccoon and Groot (a giant talking tree). Carrey has proven himself in odd, make up heavy roles, like the Grinch. Sandler on the other hand? Well, he can act in cartoons. 

What do you think Manics? Carrey or Sandler for Guardians of the Galaxy? Better yet ,how about both and for which role?