PlayStation 4 Announcement (

By:Robert T. Trate
Date: Friday, February 01, 2013
Source: Yahoo Games

It is official, Sony’s PlayStation 4 will be arriving later this year and has a February 20th premiere date. Premiere date as in a big unveiling with geeks and fanboys drooling. Yahoo Games had this to report. 

“The company got the hype machine rolling Thursday evening with a mysterious teaser video. To amp things up further, the company posted a Twitter update reading simply "see the future." Within minutes, news outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, confirmed through sources that this would, in fact, be the company's launch party for the PS4.”

Sony’s PS4 is to focus more on the social aspects of gaming. Making “User integration a key component”. 

The big question is, will it be backward compatible?

“The chipset and graphics chip on the new PlayStation are reportedly made by different companies than those that power the PS3, making backward compatibility a less likely feature.” 

Read the full announcement here on Yahoo Games.