By:Johnny Destructo
Review Date: Wednesday, February 06, 2013

My first thought? Oh cool, The Runaways! Oh. Wait. That's Marvel. Dang.

My second thought? Oh man. This is going to be about a bunch of characters I don't care about.

My third thought: Waaaaitaminnut. These here kids are from the old Super Friends cartoon!

Yes, the majority of the episode revolves around the group of kids last seen escaping from having been kidnapped by The Reach (the aliens that are in the process of charmingly invading Earth.) And yes, like most comic book lovin' cats and kittens, I was a little disappointed at first at having to focus on a bunch of new characters, especially when I know that this show is coming to a close. Would I have preferred a story that allowed me to spend more time with the beloved main team? Of course. But barring that, this episode was actually a lot more fun then the previous episode: The Fix.

Though their running away in the episode was more akin to when I ran away as a 10 year old and basically wandered around my block for a couple hours, it was a trip watching them muck it up. 

"What was your escape plan?"

"….I didn't actually have a chance to come up with a PLAN…."

But sometimes that's part of the fun, watching new characters stop acting like brash, foolish kids and finally start to come into their own. Speaking of the kids, in relation to the old Super Friends cartoon: we have Tye Longshadow, a reference to Apache Chief, who, with the word Eh-neeek-chock was able to grow like Giant Man. Eduardo Dorado, Jr, a pastiche of the silly looking teleporter El Dorado. Next we have Asami "Sam" Koizumi, who is a female version of Samurai and last but not least Virgil Hawkins, best known as Static, but can also be considered a pastiche of Black Vulcan, another Super Friend with electrical powers. All of these kids have been running ragged at S.T.A.R. Labs after having been experimented on by The Reach, and have had enough. Who does YJ contact to bring them in? Blue Beetle of course, since he's friends with Eduardo. 

Someone else shows up to add some fighty-spice. Red Volcano, Red Tornado's evil "brother". I use the term brother loosely since they are both androids, but you get the gist. RedV shows up to gather up the remnants of Amazo, another android that has all the powers of the Justice League, in order to incorporate the Amazo tech into his own. This development brings the runaways and Blue Beetle running back to stop him.

Speaking of Blue, I called it! Last episode, Green Beetle is shown giving Blue Beetle complete control over his scarab. But it's revealed in this episode that the opposite has in fact taken place. The thing that confuses me is that for the most part, he acts like himself and is concerned for his new friends. He's not a completely different Jaime, though he is certainly less concerned for the well-fair of bystanders and more of an obnoxious spotlight hog. During this eppy, the runaways have to start saving innocent people from a building that Blue is inadvertently (yet uncaringly) destroying during his fight with Red Volcano. And didn't Miss Martian clear the Green Beetle of any suspicions last episode? My only assumption is that the scarabs manipulate your subconcious and therefore remain more hidden from telepaths, making it seem like the person is making their own decisions? I'll be curious to find out the answer to this one.

While the kids save the innocents bystanders, Blue Beetle finally does a brutal job on RedV and saves the day. Yay, Blue! However, as mentioned earlier, it's revealed that Blue Beetle is now on the side of both Green Beetle and Black Beetle. Jaime's been tainted and it looks like that Reach Apocalypse is closer then we thought. Oh yeah, and the runaway kids are now going to be in cahoots with Lex Luthor. Dun dun DUNNNN.


Some of the cool: 

I don't know if Static always uses a sewer grate to fly around, but dang, he should. It's pretty rad. And when he flings that thing around to ka-bonk baddies, it's FELT. 

Red Volcano: "Burning plasma…..REALLY? You don't seem to have grasped who you are dealing with. The name….is VOLCANO"

Some of the not-so cool:

This episode, while more charming then last, missed out on cool action bits. Sure there was fighting in this issue, but at no point did the choreography make me exclaim "oh cool" under my breath, as other episodes did. The car door bit from last episode? Awesome. Roy Harper's fight in the parking garage back in Satisfaction? Bad-Ass'd. Nothing even remotely cool here, just shooting lots of powers at each other.

The wrap-up:

Even though I was prepared to be bored with this episode, it was anything BUT. As it turns out, I would watch a spin-off of YJ revolving around these kids and their adventures. But sadly instead of two Young Justice shows, which we SHOULD have, we'll just have to look forward to none. *Shakes fist wildly at the sky*

Mania Grade: B+
Episode: RUNAWAYS (Season 2, Episode 14)
Starring (Voice Talents): Alan Tudyk, Khary Payton, Stephanie Lemelin, Phil Lamarr, Eric Lopez, Yuir Lowenthal, Jason Marsden, Jesse McCartney, Danica McKellar, Wentworth Miller, Nolan North
Written By: Kevin Hopps
Directed By: Doug Murphy
Network: Cartoon Network
Studio: Warner Brothers