Supernatural: Everybody Hates Hitler Review (

By:Tim Janson
Review Date: Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nazis!  I hate these guys!  The episode begins in Belarus during World War II as a giant man, immune to bullets and impossibly strong wreaks havoc on a Nazi camp.  The Commander named Eckhart casts a spell and disappears, setting the camp on fire in the attempt to kill the man.  Meanwhile Sam and Dean arrive at an old abandoned factory and use the key given to them by Henry Winchester to open the doors to find the Men of Letters secret compound…sort of their Batcave that is filled with books of history and arcane lore.  Sam thinks that it might be the thing to give them the edge in their war against demons.

The boys investigate the strange death of an old Rabbi name Bass (Played by Hal Linden of Barney Miller fame) who spontaneously combusted after recovering a secret ledger.  Sam discovers that there was a secret sect of Rabbis called the Judah Initiative that worked with the Men of Letters during World War II to battle a Nazi sect known as The Thule.  Bass left the location to this ledger to his grandson, Aaron.  He also left something else—A Golem, the same giant that attacked the Nazi camp seventy years earlier.  The only problem is that Aaron never kept up with his Grandfather’s lessons and is unable to fully control the monster.  They soon come under attack by Eckart who turns out to be a Necromancer, and has not aged a day.  Eckart and his henchmen are also after the mysterious ledger.  

A mixed bag of an episode.  The new magical elements introduced the past two weeks have given Supernatural a different spin and Sam seems to have a new enthusiasm as he fully embraces his heritage as a Man of Letters.  Sam actually is happy for the first time in a while.  I also loved the infusion of Jewish mythology into the mix and the Golem could certainly be a powerful ally down the road.

While that was the good, the bad was that the villain Eckart was weak and for all his apparent power he ended up getting killed by a mundane gunshot.  Some Necromancer he turned out to be!  If they wanted to setup the Thule as a new major villainous group it was an epic failure but time will tell.

Still, even though this week’s episode deviated again from the major plot involving the Prophet and the quest to eliminate all the demons once and for all, it still held your interest and these new components of magic are promising.  As a huge fan of Barney Miller it was nice to see Hal Linden again.

Mania Grade: B
Episode: Everybody Hates Hitler (Season 8, Episode 13)
Starring: Bernhard Forcher, Ryleigh Gillespie, Nicole Hombrebueno
Written By: Eric Kripke (creator), Ben Edlund
Directed By: Philip Sgriccia
Network: The CW