Toy Fair 2013: The New Batman Figures (

By:Kimberly McCall
Date: Monday, February 11, 2013

I did not have the privilege of growing up in the late 1960's when the Batman TV series was on the air. For me, as a child of the eighties, the re-runs on Nick at Nite served as my introduction to what would become my favorite hero of all time. Through the years, loyal fans of the original and irreplaceable Adam West series continue to pine for mere crumbs of this spectacular enterprise. Finally, this year, Mattel introduces the 1966 Batmobile and 6 inch action figures. Now, there is nothing to do but jump for joy. We have only been waiting for 47 years.



These weren’t the only Batman toys to premiere at Toy Fair this weekend. Here is a sample of few others that caught my Bat-Eye. The NECA 1/4 Scale Batmans are also a particular favorites. Fear not, Mattel reveled the 1960’s Joker will have a mustache and it will ever be so lightly painted over. 


The NECA 1/4 Scale Batmans by NECA Toys.