Megan Fox For Ninja Turtles (

By:Robert T. Trate
Date: Friday, February 22, 2013
Source: Variety

Variety is reporting that Michael Bay Transformers alumni, Megan Fox (This is 40), will be joining the cast of Ninja Turtles. The long delayed project is gaining speed again as Fox will be playing April O’Neil. 

When the “Ninja Turtles” movie story initially broke there was a huge controversy as Michael Bay planned to have the Turtles depart from their original origins. The “Ninja Turtles” will now have alien origins instead of being born out of radioactive ooze. As of this date, those story elements haven’t changed.

“Original 1984 Mirage Studios' comic book ‘TMNT’ centered on four turtles who are turned humanoid through contact with radioactive slime, and trained in martial arts by their humanoid rat master.”

This will be the third pairing of Michael Bay and Megan Fox. They worked on the first two Transformers films together.