No Puck or CGI for Dinklage (

By:Robert T. Trate
Date: Saturday, February 23, 2013

IGN had an interview with director Bryan Singer about his latest film, Jack the Giant Slayer. In that interview IGN asked about the casting of Peter Dinklage in the X-Men First Class sequel and what what character he will be playing. It is not going to be Alpha Flight’s Puck, nor will he be a CGI character.  

“He’s not going to be a CGI character,” Singer corrected. “He’ll be himself. Not that he’ll be playing Peter Dinklage, he’ll be playing this character. It’s not a shy character. He’s just such a phenomenal actor; I’m a huge fan of Peter’s and Game of Thrones. He was my first choice and I was really happy [about the casting]. It’s so funny to talk to him because he does that impeccable accent [on Game of Thrones] and then you talk to him and he’s this guy from New Jersey.”

Singer also stated that he is in the process of casting yet another actor for Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past is slated for July 18th, 2014