Ghostbusters 3 Starts Filming in 2014 (

By:Robert T. Trate
Date: Tuesday, April 23, 2013
Source: NerdBastards via ABC News

News of Ghostbusters 3 has surfaced yet again. This time Dan Aykroyd spoke with ABC News in Australia about the sequel. IS this the ultimate development hell project? We know that without Bill Murray there is no Ghostbusters sequel. Must every beloved film from the eighties be diminished in the new millennium? Regardless of my opinion here is what Aykroyd had to say:

“I feel re-encouraged, reinvigorated by the pages that I have seen. I know that we’re expecting half of the screenplay to be completed very soon. It should be into production by the fall and be shooting by the new year. I won’t say anything, it’s very exciting. The Higgs boson and the particle theories, gluons and mesons, that really gives us a scientific base in terms of our fictional storytelling, to open up to another dimension and have something horrible come through.”

How about they just re-release the original in IMAX 3D? Sure it might be sacrilege to some but, that would be a better experience than a Ghostbusters 3. Let it go Dan. Murray has and I think we all have too.