Villains Cast for Guardians of the Galaxy (

By:Robert T. Trate
Date: Sunday, July 08, 2012
Source: Den Of Geek

The sad news is that we still don’t have actors for Rocket Raccoon or Groot yet. However, Den of Geek has dropped the news of who Lee Pace, Benicio del Toro, and Karen Gillan will be portraying. There are still no signs of Thanos in the film. With Comic Con only a few days away look for even bigger news to arrive from San Diego. 
Benicio del Toro is The Collector.
Who is the Collector? The Collector or Taneleer Tivan according to the is: “Like all the Elders of the Universe, the origin of the Collector is lost in antiquity. What is known is that he is one of the oldest living beings in the universe, having been among the first of the universe's races to become sentient in the wake of the Big Bang. Virtually immortal, the Collector spent the first millennia of his existence with his wife and daughter on the tranquil world he chose as his home base. When their daughter had grown to maturity and left them, the Collector's wife died of mysterious causes. The Collector was unprepared for her demise: he had thought her as immortal as well. In meditation, he realized that an important factor in an Elder's immortality is the will to live, and his wife had simply lost hers” Read his full biography here.
Lee Pace is playing Ronan The Accuser.
Who is Ronan The Accuser? According to the “Ronan was born into one of the leading Kree aristocratic families on Hala. After completing his education he was accepted into the ranks of the Accuser Corps, where he quickly rose through the ranks. Eventually he was promoted by the Supreme Intelligence to the rank of Supreme Public Accuser”. Read the full biography here
Karen Gillan will be playing Nebula.
Who is Nebula? According to “Nebula, feared across numerous star systems for her ruthless piracy, set her sights on Sanctuary II, the solar-orbiting satellite built and once used as a base of operations by the Thanos. She had sent a small band of her most trusted aides to Sanctuary II to repair its hyper-drive engines and teleport the station out of the solar system, but the activity coincided with the arrival of the hero Monica Rambeau (as Captain Marvel), who had been sent to investigate the craft by her team the Avengers. Nebula's minions warped the satellite out of the solar system with Captain Marvel aboard and rendezvoused with Nebula”. Read her full biography here
The Brief Synopsis: Guardians of the Galaxy centers on Peter Quill/Star-Lord (Pratt), a U.S. pilot who ends up in space in the middle of a universal conflict and goes on the run with futuristic ex-cons who have something everyone want.

Guardians of the Galaxy arrives August 1, 2014