Lair of the Beasts: Sasquatch and Space-Aliens (

By:Nick Redfern
Date: Saturday, September 14, 2013

It’s the dirty little secret of monster-hunters just about here, there and everywhere. It’s the one aspect of the subject that Bigfoot-seekers prefer to ignore. And it’s the angle that most people who indulge in studying bizarre creatures are happy to write-off via hoaxes, misidentification, or pranks. So, what am I talking about? Well, I’ll tell you.

That particular aspect of Cryptozoology that makes creature-seekers cringe is the association between Bigfoot and another infamous aspect of the world of the unknown. Like it or not (and most Bigfoot enthusiasts hate it) there are far more than a few reports on record where Bigfoot and UFOs have been seen not just in the same time-frame, but also in the very same location. 

Of course, I know full well why so many Bigfoot hunters deny the link between these two, seemingly unconnected, mysteries. It’s because they perceive the big old hairy geezer to be nothing stranger than an unknown type of large ape. 

Bringing aliens and flying saucers into the mix blurs the lines, and suggests that Bigfoot is something far more (or far less) than just a North American equivalent of, for example, a silverback gorilla. I, however, am quite comfortable with blurring the lines.

But, as much as those that perceive Bigfoot to be some form of ape and nothing else, the fact is that there is an abundance of data and testimony available that links the two topics that most don’t even want to think about being connected.

Take, for example, Stan Gordon. He is a long-time Bigfoot researcher and the author of an excellent book titled Silent Invasion. It’s a book that focuses upon a massive wave of Sasquatch-style activity in rural Pennsylvania in the early 1970s. It was activity dominated by UFO sightings in the same time and place of the Bigfoot reports, as Stan repeatedly makes clear.

Stan even tells of visits to the home of Bigfoot witnesses by military personnel, who were clearly fully aware of the reality of the high-strangeness nature of the hairy phenomenon.

Moving on to Texas, just outside of the city of Houston is a massive area of forest called the Big Thicket. Sightings of Bigfoot absolutely abound in those thick, dark woods. And they have done so for a very long time. There are even encounters from more than a century ago of so-called “hairy wild men” roaming around the thicket.

On top of that, however, there’s the curious fact that running through the heart of the Big Thicket is a 6-mile-long road called Bragg Road. This is where many of the Bigfoot encounters have occurred. It transpires that, locally, Bragg Road is known as “Ghost Light Road.” 

It takes its nickname from the many reports of strange, unidentified, balls of floating and flying light that are regularly seen in and around the woods. That the brightly-lit, ghostly orbs are sometimes viewed in conjunction with Bigfoot again amplifies the connection.

Moving across the Atlantic, on the East coast of England, and for centuries, people have been reporting sightings of a mysterious, large, ape-like creature known as the Shug-Monkey – “Shug” being an old English word meaning “demon.” It transpires that most of the reports of the Shug-Monkey come from an area of woodland called Rendlesham Forest.

Rather coincidentally (or, as I suspect, not coincidentally) Rendlesham Forest just happens to have been the location of Britain’s most famous UFO encounter. In December 1980, numerous military personnel reported seeing strange lights, a triangular-shaped UFO, and even dwarfish, humanoid figures in the dense woods.

Also in the UK, the woods and canals around an old English village called Ranton – which is located in the county of Staffordshire – have their very own hairy man-beast in their midst. Its name is the Man-Monkey, and sightings of the infernal monster dates back to the 1870s. 

And, yes, you guessed it: UFOs are hardly unknown in Ranton either. In 1954, as just one example of several, a woman named Jessie Roestenberg had a very weird UFO encounter in her Ranton home that involved a classic flying saucer-shaped craft hovering over the house at a perilously low level.

I could go on and on, and tell you of countless similar stories from all around the world. But I won’t. I’m sure you get the picture. Saucers and Sasquatch might not seem to be deeply connected at first glance. The fact is, however, that in some strange and admittedly unfathomable fashion, they are…

Nick Redfern is the author of many books including Wildman, There’s something in the Woods, and Monster Files