By:Jarrett Kruse
Date: Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Marvel Universe has been on a roll and now they are making the leap into prime time with their new ABC series AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Starring Clark Gregg as Agent Phil Coulson, the show will revolve around the covert world of Nick Fury's top secret organization and gives us a look at the heroes without capes and cowls. First we gotta find out just how Coulson made it off the Hellicarrier after his fatal (or so we thought) bout with Loki. Already building positive buzz amongst fanboy's and girls alike the show is sure to be a runaway hit in its time slot at 8 o'clock on ABC tonight. Being the designated MANIA toy and action figure junkie, we decided to take a look at the Top 10 non-super's that deserve to be scaled down and made into plastic goodness. It was a tough list to come up with but after much deliberation Robert and I were able to narrow the field down to this final list. Ideally I would love to see this wish list in either 3 & 3/4” or 6” a la Marvel Universe figures and Marvel Legends respectively. Bare in mind that a couple of these have been made before, but like everything else in the entertainment world they could use a reboot.
The boss from hell has never failed at being angry all the time most notably towards Daily Bugle photographer Peter Parker aka Spider-Man. The best iteration of triple-J we saw was definitely in the first Sam Raimi SPID when J.K. Simmons played the character for laughs over ten years ago. Since the toy world and figures specifically have changed a great deal since 2002, it is time to give JJJ an updated look.
After four Marvel mega hit movies Tony Stark's go-to gal deserves the plastic treatment. I would definitely want to see one based on Gwyneth Paltrow from the IRON MAN trilogy as I really thought she pulled off the role with great aplomb. She really nailed it and I would love to see some Rescue armor come with the figure.
Somehow the guy with no costume and no powers turned out to be the biggest star of 2012's THE AVENGERS. With his acerbic wit and aw shucks sensibilities he quickly became a fan favorite. While the mega-expensive HOT TOYS is making a 12-inch version with all of the accessories but we would like to see Phil on a smaller scale. Throw in the gun he used against Loki and you've got a winner.
Played by babealicious Academy Award winner Natalie Portman in 2011's THOR, Dr. Jane Foster will be back in the sequel this Fall. Thankfully Marvel Select has announced that they will have a Jane Foster figure being released. If you are a collector then you know that Marvel Select is amongst the top tier of action figures. We're in good hands on this one.
The Aunt that never seems to age was one of the first characters without powers I thought of when compiling this list. While she has since gotten married to JJJ's father no less, Aunt May is a stalwart Marvel character that gets better with age. The last figure of her that was made was the Marvel Famous Covers with cloth costume so its about time already.
The diminutive mind behind the Sentinels is sure to get more recognition in next summers X-movie when he is portrayed by Peter Dinklage. This should be a no brainer for the Hasbro people and I imagine they can use the sculpt from the MU's Puck.
Eugene “Flash” Thompson was the ultimate bully always being a thorn in young Peter Parker's life. However Flash was a huge Spider-Man fan. As they got older Flash and Peter became great friends and years later Flash would take the mantle of the symbiote known as Venom. I think that a standard figure would be cool maybe with maybe part of the symbiote suit as an extra.
Just where does a superhero go when they are injured or in need of medial treatment? To the Night Nurse of course. She first appeared the early 1970's but has remained most notably in the Spider-Man and Daredevil canons.
When it comes to Peter Parker's world their have always been just two women, girl next door Mary Jane Watson and his lost love Gwen Stacey. I could see this as a two-pack for die hard Marvel fans. Their curves and plastic will make for a potent combo with the Fanboy set. Plus the Kirsten Dunst figure from the movie was pretty awful.

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