31 Days of Horror Movies: The Bride (Mania.com)

By:Robert T. Trate
Review Date: Wednesday, October 09, 2013
Source: Mania.com

Halloween is a special time. It is the one time of year when everyone gives of themselves. What they give can be anything from candy to a scare. We thought this October, we here at Mania would give you 31 Horror Films for the 31 days of October. Now, many of you will know these films. Some of you, may not. Get ready for 31 days of Horror Films that will run gauntlet from scary to campy, from horrific to down right ridiculous. Happy Halloween from Mania!

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The Bride (1985) starring Sting, Jennifer Beals, Clancy Brown, and David Rappaport.  This is one of those movies that was crushed by its own stardom. Sting, leader singer of the rock band, the Police, was attempting a movie career.  Jennifer Beals was coming right off of the highly successful Flashdance (1983) and so, someone, somewhere had the idea that these two could retell the story of Doctor Frankenstein and his female creation.

Now, the premise for The Bride goes like this:  Doctor Frankenstein (Sting) attempts to create a mate for his first creation, played by Clancy Brown. The good doctor succeeds, but she is incredibly beautiful. Doctor Frankenstein then decides to keep her for himself and make her his perfect equal.  After all, he created her body, why not her mind, too?  The first creation knows she won’t love him and runs off. So, at this point, the story splits in two.

The bride is now called Eva and the Doctor begins her education. This part of the story is very dry and, at times, really artsy. Big ballrooms, Eva walking around naked, gothic crypts and, to put it frankly, the acting from Sting and Beals is not very good. The best parts of The Bride take place when the Doctor’s original creation, now named Victor, befriends a circus dwarf played by David Rappaport. Victor is taught the ways of the world and how to be gentle, be a friend, and have a friend. Brown and Rappaport are the saving grace of the film and their performances make all the scenes with Sting and Beals slightly less excruciating. They are the true horror, in more ways than one. 

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Mania Grade: NA
Rated: PG-13
Starring: Sting, Jennifer Beals, Cary Elwes, Clancy Brown, David Rappaport, Timothy Spall
Written By: Lloyd Fonvielle (screenplay)
Directed By: Franc Roddam
Genre: Frankenstein, Mad Scientist
Running Time: 118 Minutes